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Microwave Heated Neck Pillows - Warm Up Heatable Neck Cushion

Updated on February 24, 2012

If you suffer from frequent neck pain, muscle spasms in the neck and shoulders or just generally want to destress and relax your neck and shoulder muscles after a long stressful day at work, then you too could benefit from the use of a microwavable neck pillow or heated neck cushion. These microwave heated pillows are designed to offer quick relief for painful neck problems. A quick blast in the micro and you have an instant heated pad ready to apply to wherever your pain is located.

Who Are Microwaveable Neck Pillows For?

Just about everyone can benefit from owning their very own heatable wheat bag pillow for neck pain relief as, even if you do not have a regular neck pain issue, there can surely not be anyone in the world who has never woken up with a stiff neck or felt the tension of a rough day in their neck and shoulders. They are great to have around for just hose occasions when you need them and they’re great for a quick warm up in the winter too.

Some people use these for neck injuries or medical conditions where neck pain can be involved like arthritis or neck trauma. Others have found enormous benefit from using them just to unwind and relax after a stressful day, letting the heat sooth away muscle tension and relax tired and aching shoulders. Many use scented oils with their cervical pillows, letting the heat diffuse the calming scent of lavendar and other oils for a really relaxing experience. That kind of relaxation can’t be beat and its one of the things which makes these a great pampering experience and an excellent gift for a loved one.

How Do They Work?

Microwave heatable neck pillows come in a variety of styles but are typically a specially shaped material bags with a filling of something like buckwheat hulls, flaxseed or wheatgerm. There are also microwave gel filled neck pillows which heat up in the microwave or can be chilled in the freezer for cold therapy or just cooling off on a hot day.

Some use aromatherapy to provide additional benefits to the user. Scented neck pillows heat up to active the scent and come infused with such things as lavendar, camomile, peppermint or eucalyptus or of course, you can add your own aromatherapy oils as you go. These make the perfect pampering gift for a loved one who can then lay back, relax with the muscle relaxing heat whilst breathing in the calming aromas. Luxury!

Some Uses and Benefits of Microwave Pillows For Painful Neck Relief

  • Woke up with a stiff neck? Throw one of these babies in a microwave and let the relaxing heat soothe the ache away!
  • Came home feeling all stressed out and there’s no one around to give you a shoulder massage? Heat up a neck pillow and let the relaxing heat penetrate deep into those stressed muscles and ease away the tension.
  • Headache just will not go away? A freezer cooled pilow draped across the forehead is cool enough to calm a headache without being so cold it is uncomfortable.
  • Menstruation pains? These neck pillow wraps are designed for the neck but work just as effectively elsewhere. The warmth provided is an ideal relief for the discomfort of menstrual cramps and cheaper than buying those stick on heat pads.
  • Chilly? Heat one up for two minutes and it'll warm you up in no time. I've used mine for chilly feet, cold hands and for just a quick blast of warmth during the winter months. It's very versatile.
  • Other uses? Feel free to add them in the comments section.


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    • Crewman6 profile image

      Crewman6 7 years ago

      I love mine... you're absolutely right about how great they are!