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Mighty Wallets

Updated on December 27, 2011

We all have those friends and relatives that are impossible to shop for. Mighty Wallets are inexpensive, unique and recyclable. Created by Dynomighty, they are also tear-free and are long lasting. What is there not to like?



The design of the mighty wallet is universal, so any style that you choose will have the same features inside the actual wallet. Again they are tear-resistant, water-resistant and fully expandable. The origami design allows for the wallet to contain no stitches and allows for the wallet to expand to the desired size. There are compartments for cash, credit/debit/gift cards and also compartments for important information you need.


Unique Styles

Mighty Wallet is a popular commercial you may have seen on television. They show a few different styles, however their website offers over 70 options to choose from. They range from maps of the NYC subway system to blank wallets which you can design yourself. You'll be sure to find something for those hard to shop for relatives and friends.


The normal cost for the Mighty Wallet is $15.00, with free shipping. However, there are plenty of wallets that are on sell for $9.99 and can even be found on for a smaller price. This makes the Mighty Wallet a unique, affordable gift just in time for Christmas!


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    • hpedneau profile image

      Holly Pedneau 6 years ago from Princeton, West Virginia

      They are very nice! I bought one that was on sell for around 8 bucks, and it's not only cheap, but can hold quite a bit of stuff!

    • profile image

      km360 6 years ago

      Nice hub. You've got me wanting one of these wallets.

    • hpedneau profile image

      Holly Pedneau 6 years ago from Princeton, West Virginia

      Thank you! I got one for christmas, and it's super cool!

    • sligobay profile image

      sligobay 6 years ago from east of the equator

      This seems like a very useful product. I just love West Virginia. It's so beautiful. Happy Holidays.