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Miley Cyrus Tattoos: Pictures and Meanings

Updated on March 15, 2013

Miley Ray Cyrus was born on November 23 in 1992. Her original name given when she was born is Destiny Hope Cyrus. She is well-known American singer, actress and songwriter. She became really popular after her role of Hannah Montana at homonymous sitcom on Disney channel.


After her tremendous acting debut she also recorded a soundtrack for Hannah Montana in 2006 and Hannah Montana: Meet Miley Cyrus in 2007. Walt Disney Records recorded both. With this sitcom and singing she became a real teen idol. After this first success she signed a contract with Hollywood records. The same year she already made a tour Best of Both Worlds. During this tour she was presented two characters: Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus. The next year she released her first solo album entitled “Breakout”. This album had great commercial success thanks to Hannah Montana Disney film and soundtracks.



Nobody would imagine that this young and fragile lady has a bunch of tattoos. In her 20 she already has 14 and doesn’t show any sign of stopping. The tattoos are made all over the body: on fingers, wrist, ears and the rest of the body. She made her first tattoo when she was only seventeen. Fans were delighted to know that she had this tattoo. Miley shows great passion to the body art images and probably in couple of years she will be all covered with tattoos. She also claims that she never makes tattoos without any meaning. It means that all fourteen tattoos have special meaning and importance to a young star. They are dedicated to her friends, family. Her tattoos represent her beliefs and religious views. We will have a look at each tattoo she has and explain it’s meaning in details.

Here are fourteen Miley Cyrus tattoos and the explanation of their meanings.

Just Breathe

First tattoo was made when Miley was only 17. It seems that at this age she got the permission of her parents to make this tattoo. The saying “Just Breathe” was tattooed just below the breast on the left side. The tattoo is very symbolic and is dedicated to her grandfathers. Both died from the lung cancer. This tattoo is also dedicated to a nine-year-old girl who went away because of cystic fibrosis. Miley inked this tattoo in December 2009.


Small anchor made in black and white colors on the wrist of the singer during her tour in Brazil named Gypsy Heart. Fabio Satori - famous tattoo artist, made this tattoo and he also explained the meaning. According to the tattoo artist this anchor means a safe port and reminds the owner that her feet are on the ground. It may also refer to the decision of her parents to end their marriage that lasted 17 years. They announced this decision a month before their daughter made the anchor tattoo. Seems that this Miley Cyrus tattoo is one of the most important for the girl.


The third tattoo represents the word “Love” and is written in very small letters on the inside part of the right ear. It says that she doesn’t want to listen to any negative things and will hear only positive. This tattoo is kind of protection from bad news and things. Another guess about this tattoo is that the magical word “Love” is dedicated to Liam Hemsworth. Miley had long love story with this Australian hunk. They met during her The Last Song presentation in 2009. This tattoo proves that young singer knows how to express herself and her feelings in body art.


Another tiny tattoo appeared on Miley’s finger. This tattoo represents tiny black cross and was made in December 2010. This tattoo reminds us about singer’s Christian faith. She comes from a religious family and she never was embarrassed to talk about God. She admits that religion has particular influence on her and what she is doing. So she was speaking about this little cross tattoo freely. Though she wasn’t that opened to talk about other tattoos on her fingers. For example she has peace sign on the middle finger and a heart on pinky finger.


Another finger tattoo appeared in July 2011 on the index finger of the right hand. This tattoo represents the word “karma”. It is also written in very small letters and is made in black color. Many people criticize Miley for this tattoo because this word refers to Hindu religion and looks that it unweaves singer’s Christian beliefs. However Miley doesn’t hide her interest to Hindu religion. She mentioned that she would like to know it better in her twitter several times. She likes the idea of reincarnation. This tattoo by the way is not the only tattoo related to Hindu beliefs and reflects her potential interest to this religion.

Dream Catcher

On the side you can see quiet big tattoo representing a dream catcher inked in black and white color. This tattoo shows her inner Native American. The dream catcher has four beaded feathers that hang down from a woven hoop. Every feather protects each of her siblings. This tattoo appeared on her right ribcage in February 2012 when she was in Venezuela. Today this tattoo remains the biggest tattoo on her body. This tattoo also marked the end of Miley’s teen role model image. This tattoo looks very controversial. Sometimes we need to make the step further and start something new. This tattoo represents similar step in the life of young singer and actor.


One more little finger tattoo represents an outline of a heart and is inked on a pinky finger. It also is the first tattoo made on fingers of the young star. There are rumors that all members of her family including her mom and dad have similar tattoos on the fingers. It might be a family tradition and it gives special meaning to this tiny tattoo. Seems that there is kind of mystery around this tattoo because Miley never spoke about this in public and tries to avoid commenting it. Quiet strange taking into consideration the fact that she always likes to explain the meanings of her new tattoos. Some people say that this tattoo is a symbol of her love to Liam. However she doesn’t comment these rumors.


After she got the tattoos symbolizing love and happiness there should appear one more tattoo for peace. And this tattoo appeared in May 2011. Miley made it in the middle finger of her right hand. The interesting fact about this tattoo is that it comes along two their tattoos – the heart and cross. Seems that they make a series of finger tattoos. This particular tattoo is also made in black ink. Most of the tattoos on the star body are black and it might seem strange, as she is very young and beautiful and should enjoy bright colors. As each tattoo represent deep meaning it explains why all of them are made in simple black ink. From the very beginning it was just a line that raised an eyebrow but finally it was transformed into a symbol of the world peace.

Equal Sign

Tattoo Equal Sign is probably the most controversial tattoo in Miley’s collection. This tattoo was made in 2011 and is an equal sign made on the right ring finger. When she got this tattoo she posted the twit regarding this tattoo. She posted in her Twitter “All Love is equal”. By this post she showed her support to single sex marriages. Some fans supported her in this but there were many people who started criticizing young singer for this bold expression of her thoughts. She even received death threats fro these people. Definitely this tattoo brought a lot of drama in her Twitter as well as in her life.


As we already mentioned Miley has several tattoos that reveal her interest for Hindu religion. Here is one more tattoo from this series. This tattoo represent Hindu symbol “Om”. This image symbolizes universe and is made on the inside part of her left wrist. The singer inked “Om” tattoo In September 2011. This tattoo appeared just a couple of months later after “Karma” tattoo. There is strong connection between these two images. However this tattoo provoked a lot of criticism again. Being a Christian Miley made several tattoos dedicated to Hindu religion and some people found it offensive and ditching her Christian faith.

Sugar Skull

And finally there is a tattoo that reveals her young beauty and love affection. This tattoo is also dedicated to Liam Hemsworth and represents a sugar skull and is matching similar tattoo on the body of her boyfriend. These two made similar tattoos in the same place – near the ankle on the inside part of the right feet. The couple demonstrated these matching tattoos when they were together at the Malibu beach. Seemed that this sweet couple was showing off and they had no idea that paparazzi were somewhere around to take pictures of them and to find out all the truth about new tattoo on Miley’s body.

Love Never Dies

One of the brand new tattoos represents a saying “love never dies”. This one was made on the left bicep and again is written in very small letters. This tattoo shows great passion in this young hearts and the readiness to share the love with the entire world. She made this tattoo in February 2012 at Studio City Tattoo in California. Her boyfriend was sitting next to her all the time. He was an inspiration for this tattoo and it is absolutely obvious that these two really love each other.


This tattoo has nothing to do with love, peace or religion. It represents a protection from the evil eye. The singer made this extravagant tattoo on her right index finger. This eye tattoo is a Middle Eastern symbol that should protect her from bad thoughts and energy. Seems that fingers are the favorite parts of singer’s body for tattoos. But very soon there will be no finger without tattoo.

Roman Numeral

Last tattoo in this list but definitely not least on Miley’s body is tattoo of the Roman numeral made on the left arm. She hasn’t commented yet the meaning of this brand new tattoo and that is why there are so many speculations around it. Yet nobody knows the real meaning of this new tattoo. We hope we will find out the truth very soon.


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    • vibesites profile image

      vibesites 4 years ago from United States

      When I saw the words "14 tattoos" I thought they would be all big or medium sized ones. But I found out that they're mostly small and indistinctive, situated between her fingers or her ear. I didn't know that she has so many symbolic tattoos. That Roman numeral tattoo is quite intriguing. Thanks for posting. :)

    • Hikapo profile image

      Seet 4 years ago from California

      I didn't know she had so many tattoos!

    • torrilynn profile image

      torrilynn 4 years ago


      thanks for breaking down the meaning of miley cyrus tattoos

      I never struck her as a girl that would just get anything tatted

      on her body without having a meaning behind it

      thanks for the read

      Voted up