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Mineral Foundation For Men

Updated on June 15, 2010

Cosmetics and men used to go together like oil and a pristine ocean, but as Western Society has progressed, we've started to uncover secrets that ancient Egyptians knew. Not that there's a jackal-man waiting to consume your soul when you die (though knowing our luck, there probably is,) but that make up is just as much for men as it is for women.

Mineral make up is a light make up that won't clog your pores, which in real person speak, means 'won't make you look as if you're wearing wall plaster all over your face and then, to add insult to injury, make you break out like a 13 year old contemplating his first date'.

Where can you buy mineral make up? Anywhere that women with far too much war paint are warbling about 'luminous spheres'. You see, mineral make up isn't make up designed to cover your skin with a fake surface that will be more acceptable to the general public than your own skin, but to improve the appearance of your skin by smoothing it and making it lighter. When I say lighter, I don't mean in terms of tone, I mean in terms of luminescence, which sounds very girly, so let's just say that it will increase the reflective index of your man suit covering.

Mineral make up is perfect for men making their first foray into make up for several reasons. First of all, it usually comes in a one product fits all package, which means you don't have to faff about in the store checking the colors of various foundations against your skin. Because the make up works with your skin tone, you don't have to worry about it being the wrong color.

Secondly, it's very hard to mess up the application of mineral make up. Simply brush it on lightly, and the powder will gently coat your skin. If you want more, apply a little more. If you realize you've gone too far, wash your face off and start again (this is a very unlikely scenario however, as you could probably wallow in a pool of mineral make up and still emerge looking relatively human.)

For best results, or rather, even more subtly attractive results, wear a light mineral make up foundation with some brown mascara. People will notice that you look better, but if you apply both the mascara and the mineral make up lightly, they'll never really be able to tell exactly what's changed.

It's like a face lift, but without having some guy going all Frankenstein on your precious face.


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    • profile image

      Nanciboy 7 years ago

      But how does this work for a guy with no hairline to merge the makeup into. Actually, I do have a hairline but it is the back of my head. :)

      I'm really tempted to try mineral makeup to even out my skin color.

    • profile image

      Brad adams 7 years ago

      thanks for sharing Hope. I went into a sephora store and they helped me out with foundation and something to cover the shine on my nose - both bare esentuals products. I'm a klutz with makeup and you're right - easy to use and it works well.


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