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Bare Escentuals Mineral Makeup Review

Updated on October 15, 2010
Bare Mineral Makeup
Bare Mineral Makeup

Bare Minerals

I have been a user of Bare Escentuals: Bare Minerals make-up for a couple of years now. I see the department store make up brands and even the drug store brands of make-up trying to compete but I've used a few different types of mineral make-up and my favorite is and always will be Bare Escentuals. Coming in second.. Mary Kay's Mineral Makeup.

Whats Different About Mineral Makeup

Mineral Make-up is unlike any other kind of make-up. A true mineral makeup should not have any talc, oil, waxes, preservatives, fragrances or any other chemicals. Your average everyday make up is loaded with these things. Why are they bad? Your face gets enough damage from the sun and the pollution in the air, adding these directly on your face can be the very cause of poor complexion.

Mineral Makeup such as that made by Bare Escentuals is made of pure, crushed minerals from the earth. Instead of causing your face to have imperfections and poor complexion, the minerals can actually improve the texture and clairity of your skin.

Mineral makeup not only goes on smooth and covers flawlessly, it can actually benefit your skin just by using it.

Why I Love It

I am in love with Mineral Makeup not just because it's natural, I love how much better it really can cover my face imperfections better then anything else I've ever tried.

I've tried liquid foundations.. They never went on right and I always ended up with blotchy areas and the color was just never right for my skin tone. It didn't blend to my tones, it just covered them and painted on a new one.

I've tried loose and pressed powders. These always looked like I had powder on my face, and by afternoon, The foundation had caused the dry spots to show through and look like my skin was peeling.

I started using Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals Make Up and both these problems went away. The mineral makeup didn't need to be a perfect match with my skin tone. I was able to get close with the "light" foundation and after rubbing in with my Kabuki brush, it matched flawlessly to my natural tones. The mineral make up covered my imperfections, but still allows my own tones to show through.

What You Need!

Mineral MakeUp Foundation

First you want to match the mineral make up color closest to your own skin tone. Don't worry about it not being a perfect match. It will blend with your own tones. If you still aren't happy you can always mix two close shades together to achieve the look you want.

Kabuki Brush

Kabuki Brushes are very different to regular brushes. Bare Escentuals has the best Kabuki brush. When I am not using Bare Escentuals, I do sometimes use Mary Kay Mineral MakeUp. Even with the different make up I always prefer my Bare Escentuals Kabuki Brush. The bristles are so soft and they don't fall apart the way some of the other Mineral MakeUp Brands Kabuki Brushes do.

A Kabuki brush can grab on to the makeup so that when you are trying to get it on the brush right, it will latch on and hold until you apply to face. I actually use the Baby Buki Brush because it works just as well as it's larger parent, but is more affordable when I want to replace it.

Other Products Great To Have

Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil is so amazingly cool. Imagine being able to get the soft-focus look you could only get before with touching up photos. I know that sounds too good to be true, but a little of this stuff goes a long way.

After putting on foundation, the mineral veil goes on the same way, and not only can lengthen the life of your foundation for the day, but it also absorbs oils and dramatically reduces the appearance for lines and wrinkles.

Bare Escentuals bareMinerals All-Over Face Color is like a blush for your entire face. It gives a soft cheery glow and when applied right starting with the places the sun would hit, gives a beautiful glow. My favorite is the Glee shade. I apply a bit to the lower part of my forehead just above my eyes, then my nose, and my chin, then I swirl whatevers left and dust the rest of my face.


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