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Mini Backpack Features and Benefits in a Small Package

Updated on November 1, 2010

It doesn’t matter if you are going on a camping trip, to school or just down to the local grocery store; a mini backpack is extremely practical and also economical. This article is going to look at some of the benefits to carrying something smaller to make sure you know what you are buying and how it can help you.

A Better Fit.

A mini backpack is going to fit a lot closer to your back and be better for you. These days messenger bags and other shoulder bags are becoming increasingly popular however in terms of your posture a good backpack worn correctly is preferable. Because the mini backpack is small it will stay closer to your body and only alter your centre of gravity slightly rather than pulling you down to one side.

Mini Backpacks for Children
Mini Backpacks for Children


The biggest group to use mini backpacks are in fact mini people otherwise known as children. The issue of fit is particularly important for children as they are still growing and need something that will fit them properly. The smaller size limits them from carrying too much weight to support comfortably and you can even find a smaller toddler backpack if your child prodigy starts school that early. Kid’s mini backpacks come in an array of styles and colors to suit even the most discerning tastes leaving you almost no excuse for not being able to find something that they will like. 

Helping you Help Yourself

Just like Parkinson's Law, the amount of space that you have in your bag will be just enough to fit all the stuff you “think” you will need so taking a smaller bag makes you think carefully about what is really essential for you to bring on that occasion. The biggest benefit in packing smart is that you keep the weight on your back to a minimum which is going to keep you from getting tired and enable you to get more done.   At the same time don’t think that just because mini backpacks are smaller that they won’t fit much. Mini backpacks will comfortably swallow up your gym shoes and shoes inserts and leave room for some clothes.

Make Thieves Look Elsewhere.

Mini backpacks and mini backpack purses are normally a harder target for a thief because they are worn much closer to the body. It is more difficult to feel if a larger bag is being opened and also they have more zippers and openings which makes it difficult if you want to secure all your compartments. Carrying something smaller also gives you the option to conceal it either amongst other belongings or underneath your clothing. This is one reason leather mini backpacks are popular because they resist tearing and cutting better than other fabrics.

Short Excursions

A mini backpack is a great thing to pack in your suitcase if you are going on a big trip. Once you have settled at your hotel or accommodation you can use it as a daypack to carry your important travel documents, a spare shirt, bottle of water, travel umbrella, your camera etc and still have room to spare for a souvenir or two along the way. Many larger backpacking and hiking bags will have a detachable mini backpack for you to bring along your essentials for a short trip and are also big enough to separate other larger items from your clothes. They can easily fit a small camping heater or inflatable camping bed and at the same time allow you to leave those things behind once you have set up camp and go out for the day.

The bags are always handy for a shopping trip particularly if you ride a bike or motorcycle. Because they are both more durable and comfortable than the conventional shopping bags you can be assured that you are helping the environment and have actually bought something that you will reuse and not just intend to like the green bags that people always seem to leave at home.

Mini Backpack for Photographers
Mini Backpack for Photographers

Good things come in small packages

There is good reason why mini backpacks have a place among bags. They may be small but mini backpacks do provide enough room for everything that you need provided that you pack smart. Great examples of this are the mini backpacks for photographers which have dedicated padding and compartments for housing multiple camera lenses. These bags can do just about everything that their bigger brothers can do and as we have seen are good for you in more ways than one. In the end the biggest concern will be to choose among your favorites. So explore your options and you may find that you “need” more than one.


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