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Minnie Mouse Nail Art

Updated on July 30, 2012

Minnie Mouse Nail Art is one of the most adored and most beautiful nail arts a girl can do. They are great for many occasions - school, hanging out with friends, traveling.

Disney nail art looks super cute and they are so easy to create. In this hub, we will look at how we can create some Minnie Mouse nails easily at home.

All you will need is the dotting tool and the nail polishes. For the Minnie mouse nails - we are going to use black, red, white nail paints.

Things You Will Need

1. Red nail polish
2. white nail polish
3. dotting tool
4. Minnie Mouse nail decals (optional)

So, lets learn how to create some disney minnie mouse nails.

1.Paint the tips of the nail red. You can use a sticky tape to create a nice sharp line for the french nails.

2. Add white polka dots over the red nails using a dotting tool or a toothpick. Space the dots evenly.

Create 3d bow using a dotting tool

Place a black dot for the the middle of your bow. then draw a line further out for one side of the bow. connect to the dot and fill in the triangular shape. Repeat on the other side.

Once you have the basic frame, you may want to thicken the bow and make it larger.

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    • profile image

      cbar77 4 years ago

      Love this Minnie nail art design. The red dotted tips are very cute :)