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Mirrors - It's All In The Details

Updated on February 26, 2013

It is all in the details.

Mirrors are a part of everyday life. We stand before one at the start of each day and catch our reflections many times throughout the day. But how often do we truly look at ourselves, up close? Many people dread looking into a magnifying mirror, but it is an essential tool for having good complexion. A magnifying mirror helps identify trouble spots before they become large or unmanageable.

Compare this with the latest digital technology. The number of pixels within a photo or picture determines how clear that picture is. More pixels mean more detail, and so it goes with skin. If we can look at the skin objectively, at 10 times magnification, a tiny little area will look big. You will be able to see the area in great detail. If the skin does not appear clear while looking at it through magnification, imagine with what the big picture looks like. All the little spotty areas combine to create a complexion that is ruddy and dull complexion. This can also be compared to viewing a mosaic tiled area. It is the little things that combine to create the problem. With magnification you are able to see and take care of the little things so when you look at yourself with normal vision, the overall mosaic will be clearer and the skin will look much improved.

There are some problems you are not able to completely fix sitting in front of a magnifying mirror, such as large freckles, broken capillaries, sunspots or scars. But you are able to minimize many of these things. If you have a lot of sun spots or uneven skin tone, there are over the counter products that help fade these spots. They take a few weeks to work so patience is required, they can also be drying and you will need to apply sunscreen every day to maintain the results, but they do help fade and minimize the dark spots. If you notice a lot of whiteheads, those small bumps just under the skin that are white or skin colored and not painful. An over the counter acne pad product with 2% salicylic acid applied on clean skin over the affected areas once per day will lessen their appearance in a few short days. After about a week you can steam your face (or let warm water hit your face in the shower) and sitting in front of your magnifying mirror use slight pressure, using the sides of the tips of your fingers (no nails) to gently push the remaining whitehead out. For blackhead removal, lactic acid is a powerful tool, it is found in high quantities in buttermilk, see the recipe below for an easy and low-cost at home treatment that can help clear your skin. The ingredients are natural, cheap and can usually be found in your pantry or easily purchased at the grocery store.

It is little skin issues that may not be totally noticeable with regular vision discussed here, such as tiny dark hairs, whiteheads, blackheads or even improperly removed makeup appear on the skin as little specks or shadows. But these little issues, combined and viewed together, multiplied dozens of times cause an uneven, lackluster complexion.

If you inspect your skin with a magnifying mirror and see a lot of little things and do not feel confident to take care of the problems, it is worth the time and money to see a professional esthetician. A professional facial will show you some techniques and demonstrate how gentle you should treat the skin. During the facial, pay attention to what is happening and if you are curious, ask questions. Make the most of the visit so you can use this knowledge to kick-off your skin care routine. You do not have to spend a lot of money on skin care products either. There are wonderful low cost products available at the drugstore. Good skin care takes five steps, cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliation, sun protection and a healthy diet. A magnifying mirror is a critical tool to assist you in identifying issues so you are able to manage them before they become big problems.

When you take the time to check out your skin in magnified detail and address those little issues. When you take a look at your skin without magnification, the changes are subtle, yet truly noticeable. Skin will appear smoother. Your makeup will go on easier and will last longer too.

Egg White Treament

  • One Egg White, Beaten
  • One Tablespoon, Buttermilk
  • 2 Pieces Tissue Paper


  1. Beat egg whites and Buttlermilk together. Apply egg white mixture all over face (and neck if needed). While wet place pieces of tissue paper over face. Add more egg white mixture over tissue paper.
  2. Let dry approx 15 minutes. Peel paper from the face starting from the bottom to the top in an upwards motion.
  3. Rinse with cool water and pat dry. Follow with moisturizer.


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