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Missoni Tribal Trends For 2011

Updated on October 6, 2010

Missoni is an Italian fashion brand and indeed, as these things tend to go, a fashion family. You need to know that because this article deals not only with tribal trends in contemporary fashion, but  it also deals heavily with Missoni, their efforts at the 2010 Fashion Week in Milan, and their furniture. Because this isn't some shallow fashion article, this is an in depth examination of the years of finely tuned eugenic breeding that go into creating fashion designers able to create elaborate striped clothing that makes the world stop. And by 'world stop' I meant that the world stopped, literally pause in its rotation and cock its head to the side as it tries to work out exactly what its looking at.

Let's take a moment to have a look at the clothing that makes me make such a bold statement.

Missoni Spring / Summer 2011
Missoni Spring / Summer 2011

Now that you've had a chance to regain the powers of sight, allow me to continue. This collection is not just a fashion collection I believe, but an attempt to save the peoples of the world from the inevitable consequences of their destruction of the planet.

Note the wide brimmed hats, designed specifically for the event of the total destruction of the ozone layer. These hats will keep all UV rich rays off your skin. That's handy, isn't it?

Then we come to the clothes themselves, which do their best to defy description. But I shall describe them. I shall describe them thus: ' Holy bright Peruvian stripes, Batman!' Other fashion commentators made noises about 'clashing stripes' 'paintbrush strokes' , but most seem to not notice that the lovely model on the far right is wearing an alphabet dress.

The long, flowing, maxi dress nature of these items of clothing are designed to be cool in summer and perhaps warm in winter. When wearing one, one would look less like a fashonista and more like a wandering tribes person, which will come in handy when the oceans rise and displace millions and we all become wandering tribes people, hunting amongst the rubble of recent civilizations for three headed deer.

Returning our attention back to the nature of Missoni and their designs, Missoni is very well known for their attachment to geometric stripe patterns. The picture below depicts two members of the Missoni family sitting on their Missoni couch wearing Missoni jerseys. This is a picture that explains oh, so very much, and I shall end the article with it.

A shot from inside the ancestral Missoni home taken for the Missoni Spring / Summer 2011 advertising campaign.
A shot from inside the ancestral Missoni home taken for the Missoni Spring / Summer 2011 advertising campaign.


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