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Mix and Match: How to Create your Own Makeup

Updated on October 14, 2013

Custom Cosmetics: create fresh, new makeup by mixing up what you've already got.

Maximize what's in your kit by creating your own beauty loot - just like the pros!.

Creating your own makeup is superfun, but you'll need to be patient. Experiment a bit until you find the correct mix-and-match recipe that's right for your skin


1. Concealer + clear lip gloss = nude lipstick

  • Scrape off a bit of concealer from the pot using a clean lip brush. Then, add a pea-sized amount of lip gloss and blend them together with the same brush. Once it's smooth in consistency, apply it onto your kisser

2. Mineral powder + moisturizer = tinted moisturizer

  • Scoop out the amount of moisturizer and you'd usually use on your face onto a clean plate. Then, add about five pinches of mineral foundation and mix them together until creamy. If needed, add more moisturizer or powder till you get the right mix.
  • TRY: Ellana Mineral Foundation + Olay White Radiance Whitening Cream

3. Powder eyeshadow + eyeliner brush = long-lasting eyeline

  • Put two to three drops of water onto your eyeliner brush until it's damp. Then, run the bristles along the edge of the eyeshadow until coated with pigment. Trace the brush along lashline and repeat the process until you get the intensity you want.
  • TRY: True Color Eyeshadow in Vintage Violet + Suesh Makeup Toolkit Little Makeup Bag

4. Lipstick + moisturizer = cream blush

  • Swipe a creamy, rosy-hued lipstick across your palm about three to four times. Then, place a dab of moisturizer over it and mix together. Once it's well-blended, pat it over your cheeks for a sexy, natural flush.
  • Tip: If you don't want a stained effect, use a shimmery lipstick to add a hint of sparker to your cheeks.
  • TRY: Revlon ColorStay Soft & Smooth Lipcolor + Nivea Sparkling White Day Care

Here are some more other ways, to create fresh, new makeup by mixing up what you've already got.

1) Base

  • Go light by making your own sheer foundation. All you need is a high quality moisturizer, liquid foundation, and a small airtight container. In the container (usually a plastic bottle), mix equal parts of foundation and moisturizer. Shake bottle well until mixture is thourougly blended.
  • TRY: Revlon Custom Creations Foundation / Johnson and Johnson Clean & Clear Moisturizer

2) Lippie

  • Produce yummy lip gloss with some petroleum jelly, powdered juice and lipstick.
  • Scoop some petroleum jelly in a small jar, then sprinkle a small amount of powdered juice (preferably colorless) into it; mix briskly with a toothpick. Add in a little bit of your favorite lipstick for some color.
  • TRY: Ever Bilena Deluxe Lipstick / Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

3) Blush

  • Don't know what to do with pink eye shadow? Make it into cream blush. Scrape some shadow onto the back of your hand, then slowly mix in your favorite face cream with your finger.
  • Add different shades if you want to alter the color, and make sure to blend both products well.
  • TRY: Nature's Minerals Eye Colour in Pink Opal (Body Shop) / Nivea Creme


  • Mix two shades of eye shadow to make your unique color. In a small container, blend the two shadows very well. Next, spray some distilled water into the mixture; mix again.
  • Spray mixture once more, and then scoop it into an empty eye shadow pan. Finish by pressing the product in with a spoon.
  • TRY: Careline Duo Eyeshadow in Bronze and Gold


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    • cuttierish profile image

      cuttierish 5 years ago from USA / PHILIPPINES

      thanks Susan. i'm glad you've like it. i will try to put more articles like that. :)

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      Susan Ng Yu 5 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Very interesting. Gave me a few ideas, thanks. :)

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      cuttierish 5 years ago from USA / PHILIPPINES

      thanks for your comment, and i am glad you like it. more articles like this will come. have a great day

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      very helpful. thank you :)