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Mma clothing

Updated on July 16, 2012


As the UFC and mixed martial arts in general continues to be the fastest growing sport in the world there is quite obviously a huge range of various clothing items associated with it. Fighters are sponsored by these clothing ranges and are often seen with the names on theirs shorts and coming into the arena's wearing the shirts from specific clothing labels. Most of these labels are freely available for the fans to wear as well.

In this hub I will be letting you know of the various labels that are regularly seen being worn at UFC and mma events all over the world, not just by the fans but also by the fighters. Some are very expensive but there are some great labels that come at a lesser cost for those budget conscious fans too.


Tapout are perhaps the biggest mma label going and have fans and fighters wearing them all over the world.The tapout design is fairly varied, from loud and in your face to quite understated.They now also have there own TV show in the USA. Surprisingly considering that they are the biggest label out there they aren't that expensive with t-shirts ranging from £15-40 and hoodies from £45-90. If you shop in the UK then I would suggest Sports direct as a good starting point as they stock quite a lot of tapout clothing and at good prices. The company is now worth millions which is not too bad for three guys who started their company out of the back of a van.




Affliction used to be one of the biggest labels in the UFC until they set up their own mma organisation and then all UFC fighters were banned from wearing the label. A very loud and Aggresive label usually very expensive varying from £40-60 just for a t-shirt but they are available cheaper on eBay etc. Affliction have since disbanded their mma organisation and have gone back to their roots of supplying top quality fight clothing for the stars of the UFC and other smaller organisations. Affliction is the one to be seen in and the fighters usually have a signature shirt which is designed by the fighter, I myself have a Rampage Jackson affliction shirt which looks pretty good.


Sinister has sponsored some of the best fighters in the UFC such as Anderson Silva and Chuck Liddell, They produce t-shirts and hoodies that tend to be a little on the cheaper side which is nice for us poorer people.They continue to churn out great looking tops and I have some of their products myself including two very nice t-shirts displaying their signature skeletal design. Sinister are still sponsoring Anderson Silva today as he remains the greatest fighter on the planet.

One More Round

One more round are the new boys on the block and have some of the coolest t-shirts and hoodies going currently as such they are really expensive but quite desirable, one more round are used by fighters such as Matt Hughes and Heath Herring. The general theme is a depiction of a fighter sitting on the corner stool with one hand in the air and one finger raised as if saying he can go one more round. Its a very stirring theme and I love their clothing range.


Badboy clothing have been around nearly as long as tapout and are worn by two of the UFC's biggest draws, namely Tito Ortiz and Shogun Rua. Badboy clothing features the two scary eyes that seem to look into your very soul and are a great feature on the clothing line. A lot of fighters are still using badboy and if not on their shirts then definitely on the shorts.

All these clothing lines and a few more will make you stand out from the crowd, Weather you are wearing Tapout or Affliction you can be sure that someone will comment on what a great t-shirt or hoodie you are wearing and where did you get it from, So don't follow the crowd follow MMA and get wearing the clothes that the fighters are.


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I love Affliction gear! Tap Out looks cool, too!

    • jheers11 profile image


      9 years ago

      My favorites are Triumph United and Silver Star

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Toe2Toe has some pretty unique styles. I like that their designs are different than everybody elses


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