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Moccasin Boots

Updated on March 10, 2010

Moccasins are a traditional shoe inspired by the footwear of Native Americans. Moccasin boots are a particular type of moccasin shoe. Moccasin boots are usually made of leather or suede, but a traditional moccasin boot will be made of deerskin. Moccasin boots for men and moccasin boots for women are comfortable shoes that are mostly appropriate for casual wear. While both sexes can wear moccasin boots, they are more often found to be ladies fashion shoes. Women’s moccasin boots come in a variety of styles including ladies ankle boots, mid calf height boots, and knee high moccasin boots. They might tie, zip, or slip on like sheepskin slipper boot. Men’s moccasin boots generally only come in the ankle boot variety.

Moccasin boots are very comfortable to wear because they are lightweight and conform to the foot.  They are also sometimes lined with fur.  Moccasin boots with fur are definitely warmer than those without and that is why they are generally used in winter.  Flat fur moccasin boots can be lined with many materials including sheepskin or fleece.  Other attributes that are common to moccasin boots are fringe or beadwork in the shape of a thunderbird.  The thunderbird emblem is especially popular with Minnetonka moccasin boots.  Minnetonka moccasins are quite genuine and sell for anywhere from $40 to $135 a pair.

If you are looking for a pair of moccasin boots for sale, or if you already have a pair of moccasin boots, then you need to know how to care for them.  You should always treat your leather shoes with a product that prevents water damage and staining.  You can buy these kinds of products in shoe stores.  Never store you moccasins in plastic bags, in direct sunlight, or in damp conditions.  Moccasins need to breathe so they should be stored in cotton bags when you travel or out in the open in your closet.  Too much sunlight can fade the leather and a damp environment can cause mold and mildew.  Care for your moccasin boots the same way you would care for any other leather or suede shoe.


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      Suzanne Klee 8 years ago

      I was very interested in some of the Slipper Boots. However, there is no price on any of them on the viewing page! The website could use some redesigning!