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Models and Actors Beware!!!! New scam alert! Premier Models International

Updated on July 1, 2012

These people are crooked

Do not trust them they are liars and professional con artists. This is what they do for a living. They research local free casting online, have a casting call at their office. Call you back later and tell you've been accept then charge you money. You will never hear from them again. Please read scam alert. If you are a victim, reach out and let's file a lawsuit. The ring leader is Hansel Anthony Barclay and he has a criminal record. He has performed this scam in numerous of cities under different agency names. When one well runs dry, he starts another scam agency and continue his dishonest hustle. Christina Ivanski is his girlfriend and not boss. This guy named Steven Reynolds do not exist. Beware!!!!


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      Vanessa 4 years ago

      I have also been scammed in November of 2010. In Orlando Fl. Gave him $300 towards pics for my 9 year old daughter. Made promises to her for modeling gigs and days went by weeks months and years and heard nothing from him. Never received pics ITS A SCAM.