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Modest Clothing Makes a Good Impression on the Person Wearing Them

Updated on September 20, 2011

When looking for Christmas presents for daughters and granddaughters of adult size or for birthday presents or “just because I love you” gifts, it is nice to find a site on line or a store that offers modest clothing, especially modest dresses. Modest clothes are best for work and for school. Even for dating or married adults night out, modesty is the best choice and can actually be much more attractive than the ones that show way too much skin. Other women also appreciate not having too much shown with their boyfriends or husbands are also present.

Personally, I like modest clothes in two piece outfits because it is easier most of the time to get a proper fit if you are either bottom or top heavy. Nothing looks worse than someone who had been squeezed into something that fits right in one place but not the other. You can find bottoms, either skirts or pants, that are not so tight that they give you a muffin top that shows through any separate top that you would pick to match it. Also, if you chose separates, you can mix and match and it looks like you have more of a wardrobe. A nice skirt in a dark color can be paired with any color sweater in the winter. And now even in the summer, sweaters are available made of cotton that are light and comfortable even in heat.

If you prefer a modest dress, you can also change the look by adding a jacket or blazer of the right type. Then if the room you are in is too warm, either from summer heat or a winter heater, you can remove the jacket to be more comfortable. Or you can wear a tee or camisole under a lower cut top or sweater. This layering can look very nice and up to date and also be modest.

Even with jeans and jean walking shorts you can still look pulled together. Just be sure to get the right type of jean for your shape. Jeans have become almost a must for most women. They look good with blazers also.

When dressing younger girls, it is important to instill in them the idea that less is more so that when they are of the age to pick out their own clothes they know what looks best. I do not like little girls being made to look older, they grow up fast enough anyway. Learn to say no to bad fads.

Cardigans and twin sets are nice and can be worn with either pants of any kind or a nice skirt. And there are now really cute skirts that are ruffled and look feminine. You do not have to show skin to be alluring. I have seen teenagers with the layered look that are truly in style and at the same time look modest and sweet. And if you are tall and a dress is showing too much of your legs, you can always pick some tights to look more modest.

The new rage is layering with a fancy scarf. You loop it around your neck doubled, and some of it hangs down like a tie. They come in all varieties of colors and even prints and plaids. Some are also of lighter fabrics like chiffon or Georgette and can be worn with a fancier dress or separates outfit when dressing up for an evening out. Paired with long necklaces, a broach or some pearls, these scarves are elegant and smart.

Some outfits call for heels, but most can be worn with flat shoes and the new ones I have seen are really cute. It is said that heels flatter your legs, but they can also be awkward to walk in and are not good for your back. In the winter, several pairs of nice leather boots would enhance any wardrobe and now they have them from ankle high to over the knee styles. There is nothing more elegant on feet than a really nice boot. They also come in any heel height. It is a good idea to have some flat ones for walking in snow and ice when you go out.

Most women do not have perfect model's bodies anyway and should not hold themselves to that standard. But anyone can look elegant and pulled together in the right modest clothing. You just have to find your style and then experiment with different options. I have seen elegant but modestly dressed women turn more heads entering a room than the ones who show way too much skin. People look at the ones who do not cover themselves properly with derision not envy. People like someone to look classy and smart.

Every woman should have at least one good black modest dress and the accompanying shoes, and jewelry or scarf to set it off. It almost becomes a favorite because it is so comfortable and useful for meetings and then dressed up for night. If your little black dress is plain, you can always add a gold or silver belt and match that to fancy shoes for special occasions. Or you could add a cape of a bright color.

Modest clothing also seems to be much more comfortable to wear. You are not constantly tugging at the neck or skirt. Just be sure that what you buy fits properly in the first place.

A gift certificate to the right store may be a good idea for Christmas gifts for the women in your life. That way you do not have to guess at what size would fit best. You might wrap a box with the certificate in it and maybe some pictures from a catalog from the store showing some of the things you like and have found there either in the store or on line. Or you could just include the mailer or print some of the pictures from on line.

Just remember that dressing modestly is like presenting a pretty package that is much more fun to unwrap than one with see through plastic on it.


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    • profile image

      MInTheGap 6 years ago

      You're right, modest clothing can make any woman feel pretty, and I have yet to find one that didn't feel more feminine in a skirt than in jeans.

    • deepu3 profile image

      deepu3 6 years ago from Kochi, India

      great suggestion dear.