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Modest Clothing Offers Timeless Elegance in School, Office and Other Places

Updated on September 12, 2011

Shopping for clothes can be tiresome and frustrating. There are so many stores where one can find almost anything. But what if a person is overweight? More and more Americans are fighting obesity than ever before. Blame it on genes, stress or just plain old lack of will power. Men are pretty easy to shop for when looking for clothing. Shirts and pants or tees and jeans usually work for them. Unfortunately, women have no such luck. Women are working more and more outside the home with many taking executive or top positions in companies. Modest clothing is ideal in the workplace but for a woman who is overweight, it is a necessity. Modesty has become more of a priority than ever before.

So much is expected from women, especially in the workplace. A woman cannot just throw on a pair of slacks, shirt and jacket that a man would and look ready to tackle the most stubborn of clients. Of course, men as well as women need to look the part of the confident lawyer or savvy businessman, but for men to dress the part, it is a much easier task than for a woman. Women have the tights or pantyhose, not to mention the girdle and slips. And if a woman is at all overweight, finding clothes that will flatter and fit can be a challenge. But in today’s world finding clothes to fit the bigger woman is actually easier than in years gone past. Overweight women need not be ashamed of their body and dressing modestly does not necessarily mean they are covering or hiding the body. Tight clothing on most bodies whether one is thin or fat, is not always flattering. The people who designed low riding pants should be brought up on charges of indecent exposure. Supermodels are about the only kind of people who can wear low riding jeans and have them look okay. But how many people in the world are built like the supermodels? Not very many.

The need and demand for clothing specifically designed for the bigger woman has jumped. Clothing companies that used to cater to women size 0-16 has now expanded their sizing to accommodate bigger sized women. And because tighter clothing does not always look the best on larger women, fashion designers are coming up with more designs geared toward the larger woman. And the clothing that is being produced is looking better and better all the time while flattering the female with curves.

A top lawyer firm that I personally knew of in the heart of a big city had a large number of clients and many legal secretaries. A particular attorney who dealt with all types of people looking for top notch defense lawyers, had met with other lawyers in his office one day. These were lawyers from other firms as well. In walked the legal secretary of this attorney. All eyes were fixed on this middle-aged woman. A room full of men staring at this woman then turned their eyes to the hosting attorney saying; where did you get her! She was sharply dressed and if looks could have killed, every one of those men would have been on the floor. She was also a size 22. Her dress was modest and stylish but because she spent the money and took the time to find the right clothing for her frame, she wore it well. As she showed, it is not always about being petite and thin.

Modest dresses, if made right, can flatter any body. These dresses can be found in major department stores. Girls and teenage girl styles more often than not are less than modest. But even shorter dresses and skirts can be modestly worn. Low-cut shirts made for teenage girls should be considered a fashion faux pas. Girls idolize stars and seem to think that dressing like them is the way to be. These young teenage girls view the star as the best dressed and best looking person out there. Not only do they have the example of the immodest super star, but they also have the pressures of high school bearing down on them. Walking the school hallways, a teen can see all the different dress styles of certain cliques. The chess club for example, they don’t always have to be the kind of group with no good-looking personages. Some will admit, they have seen some pretty good-looking kids on the chess team, but if you want to stereotype them, they are the teenagers wearing glasses and button-up shirts, done all the way up to the top button. In other cliques, such as the popular group, full of cheer-leaders and jocks, in most instances, the boys will be wearing baggy clothing with their underwear showing, a fashion no-no. Along with the young men dressing in such a horrid manner, the ladies also walk around wearing low-cut shirts with the bottom of their stomachs showing. Some people think this look is cute and appropriate, but they can think again. However, seeing as this clothing style is very common and the people wearing this style are the most popular, they want to be popular and wear that style too. But to be similar to someone, you don’t have to mimic their every move and style. For young girls obsessing over style and look, they can still be just like that one super star, or popular cheerleader, they worship and adore while being as modest as the Queen of England. For most people, modesty is covering all the skin on the body and there is nothing more or less to it. But for others, being modest is covering all necessary parts of skin, such as the stomach and so on. But not only do they think you just have to be covered, but to test how modest your clothing is, reach up with both of your hands all the way. Try it. Reach as far as you can. Now look, has your shirt come up? Can you see your stomach? If not, then, congratulations! You have passed the first part of the modesty test. Now, for the second part. Reach down as far as you can and try to touch your toes. Now does your shirt come up? Is your back showing? Do your pants fall down? Most people consider this as an important rule to modesty.


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