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Different Mohawk Hairstyles For Men

Updated on October 27, 2011

The way in which a guy styles his hair is often thought of as a mirror of their personality. If you are proud of your independent and anti-establishment mindset, and have an outlook and lifestyle that are original, there are different mohawk hairstyles for men you can choose from that would really allow you to stand out from the crowd. Though this type of hair cut has been associated with the punk movement, today it is an option that can have an altogether different kind of image. Let's face it, this style did not start with the Sex Pistols in the 1970s, in fact it was a look that was made famous by the original inhabitants of North America.

If you are interested in heading to your local salon to have your hair cut in such a way so that you wear a mohawk, prior to doing so you should think about which actual version would match your lifestyle and personality. The following selection are the most common forms of this funky hairstyle.

Fanned Mohawk

The style that was made famous by punk rockers is now called the Fanned mohawk or Fanhawk. This cut requires pointy strands in a row from the front of the head down to the back, with the sides shaved to the scalp. It is an option that still has its rebellious connotations. If you are thinking about going for this look, keep in mind that it will take a considerable amount of styling each morning to get it right. Moreover, if you were to go out in the rain, the spikes can quickly fall flat if they were to get damp. To stand out even more you could get a fanned mohawk cut and then dye the strands different colors.

Faux Hawk

A look that is more common than the fanned mohawk is the Fauxhawk. This is a style that has become popular thanks to celebrities such as David Beckham and Ricky Martin. If you are interested in creating a Fauxhawk, you would need to have hair which is at least three or four inches long. The sides do not need to be shaved but they should be kept shorter than the top and the back. It is a look that is fairly easy to maintain, at least more than the Fanhawk.

Liberty Spike

The third mohawk design that you could consider is the liberty-spike. It is one of the least worn of the different mohawk styles, perhaps because it does need a lot of regular maintenance. The name itself is an indication of how this version appears, it is called liberty spike as the strands of hair are made to stand rigid and upright similar to the crown of the Statue of Liberty.


Another of the different mohawk hairstyles for men, and again one that is not so widely used, is what is known as the Rayhawk. This style is associated with a specific baseball team, namely the Tampa Bay Rays. It involve shaving the middle portion of hair, forming a strip.


If you want to pick a style that is very modern and up to date, how about going for a Dreadhawk. A Dreadhawk combines the mohawk with dreadlocks. It is one of the most complicated of the mohawk designs, but a choice that takes the style to a completely new level. If this is a look that is of interest to you, you should understand that if you change your mind at a later date the only option that would be available is to shave your hair completely off. It is not possible to comb out dreadlocks without seriously damaging your hair.



Bi-hawk is a mohawk with two strips of hair.


Frohawk & Crosshawk

Apart from the selection discussed above, there are other mohawk hairstyles that you can also choose from, for example the Frohawk (Afro Mohawk) and Crosshawk. Each different style has its message and statement, for that reason they have pride of place in today's fashion world. Visit here for more various styles & photos.



It should be understood before you head to a salon to request this type of look to be styled that the amount of maintenance which would be required each day is considerable. You will need to experiment with different styling products to get the right hold and rigidity. Also, you may need to have a blow-dryer to help create the right kind of effect.

You should also realize that you will need frequent trips to your local salon to keep your locks trimmed and shaved in the right way. Choosing from the different mohawk hairstyles for men should not be rushed. Think about how much time you are willing to dedicate to your appearance each day, and also what type of look would best embody your personal way of thinking.


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      6 years ago

      You totally forgot deathhawk!


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