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302 Skincare Products Restore Youth, Cure Acne. Do They Really Work?

Updated on January 22, 2011

What Is Avogen And The 302 Product Line?

Avogen is an all-natural lipid or fat from avocados that scientists have recently discovered has an amazing ability to heal and regenerate skin naturally. The number 302 refers to the molecular weight of this lipid.

The scientists who discovered what Avogen could do for human skin patented their formula and created a skin care line called 302. Basically, Avogen or 302 does not penetrate your skin, but 302 works on a chemical level to promote "skin metabolism" — essentially works naturally with your skin cells to get your skin cells to turn over and regenerate faster. 302 is not like an acid or a peel that strips off top layers of skin to reveal younger, newer skin underneath. It actually helps your skin replace itself faster.

302 and this avogen complex is very appealing for many people who are looking to live a healthier, more natural life that is chemical free and toxin-free. Even the fruit-acid peels made by companies like Juice Beauty, while they also are all-natural and chemical-free and work very well, have limitations. Facial skin can become reliant or addicted on acids and peels, even natural fruit acids, so if you use these products as part of a regular routine, they will become less effective or your skin will need them to look okay.

Avogen and 302, by contrast, are not acids. They are lipids and they work with your surface cells. They are not overnight wonders that reveal youthful, bright skin instantly. 302 is not a quick fix. But used judiciously and consistently over time, 302 can give you the healthiest, best looking skin you have had in years.

The three 302 products I use daily. A minimal, effective, no-hassle skincare regime.
The three 302 products I use daily. A minimal, effective, no-hassle skincare regime. | Source

Less Is More. How To Get Results With 302

Users get the best results from 302 products by using them consistently. Aestheticians who understand and trust them always say that less is more: You don't need to use 5 or 7 or 10 different facial products to have good skin or to look younger. Nor do you need to slather your face and neck with huge quantities of goos and salves and lotions and sera and product.

Products in the 302 line work together, so using the Calming Mist with the 302 Drops, for example, amplifies the benefit of the Avogen molecule. But you can use any on its own. And it even is advised that you not use the 302 serum every day to get best results.

Truly, less is more with 302 products, and using fewer products and using those products less frequently does not make them less effective. Quite the opposite.

Benefits of Avogen and 302

People with acne and other facial scars claim that 302 products lessen those scars. Others swear that 302 reduces wrinkles and fine lines. Basically, avogen helps your skin become normal again after years of chemical products and fad-peels everything else you can find in a typical drugstore beauty aisle.

And because 302 products are entirely natural — they are based on avocado fat! — they don't damage the environment when you shower and they enter the water supply. 

302 skincare products are only available through licensed aestheticians, so you can't buy this stuff at CVS or Walgreen's, or even at Neiman Marcus — or online. You need to actually interact with somebody who knows about the products to buy them. I don't know about you, but that makes them seem more legitimate to me.

Hassle-Free, Fast and Affordable Skin Care Products That Really Work!

About two years ago, my facialist started using a new skincare line. She found it, she said, because she was looking for a product line that was all-natural, chemical and toxin-free, but also one that worked. After all, her business is about making people's skin, particularly their delicate facial skin, look better: younger, brighter, tighter, fresher.

This aesthetician is not a big product-pusher, which is one reason, along with her skill, that I have been going to see her for six years. She really believed in these products, though, so she sent me home with a sample of the 302 soap, which works for face and body if you have backne and stuff. This "sample" bar lasted me at least three months -- great deal! -- and by the end of it I was hooked.

My skin got clearer while using 302 soap (I have clear skin, but do get occasional breakouts). It felt soft after washing, not stripped of every natural oil. And I felt clean. The soap has no color and no smell, and it is cheap. It costs $15 for a bar that last over 6 months even when I use it morning and night.

I added the 302 Calming Mist to my regimen. I love this spray. It has a clean smell, and sometimes makes my skin feel refreshed and hydrated enough that I don't even use moisturizer. This calming mist also soothes irritated skin, feels terrific in winter, and can help your makeup go on more evenly. It, also, is only $15 for a bottle that lasts months and months.

I am just finishing a sample of the 302 eye serum. The sample has lasted me over five weeks of double applications morning and night, so four times a day. Today I bought my first bottle of 302 eye serum because it might be the single best face product I have ever used. I can actually feel my soft under-eye skin get tighter when I put it on; I feel my skin lifting. It sounds ridiculous, but it is true. The eye serum is more expensive than other 302 products I have used — $63 — but I believe this bottle will last over 6 months and I actually look younger after applying it.

These are the 3 different 302 products I have used. They have facial serums and 302 drops and vitamin C products and 302 vitamin A products. I have never tried any of these, so I do not know if they are as amazing as the 302 products I love. But if the 302 products I know speak to Avogen and the 302 line, I bet they will be amazing. 

All I can say is these products work. They don't over-promise; they take time to really start working with your skin, but they do work.


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    • profile image

      Debi D 2 years ago

      where do you get your 302s? I'm possibly looking for a new source. I've been using 302 products for about 3 1/2 years, have used 2 sources.


    • s.carver profile image

      s.carver 6 years ago from San Francisco

      Thanks, Farah. I have been using 302 products for at least 2 years now and I love them. Really, really love them. When I heard my facialist was joining a larger salon, the first thing I asked her was how I would continue getting these 302 products, since you can't just buy them in the store. She said she has lots of clients who feel the same way, and will continue to sell them!

    • profile image

      Farah R 6 years ago

      Thank you for your thorough review on the 302 products you've used. Several beauty products are sprouting everywhere and it's very hard to choose from a wide range of options. Going natural has become a more popular choice for many, including myself. Great hub!