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Mom Gives Daughter Botox Injections! (Video)

Updated on May 13, 2011

A Mother in San Francisco is injecting her eight year old with Botox because her daughter thinks she has wrinkles. Isn’t this too young? The little girl admits she hurts but thinks it’s worth it. Not surprisingly the little girl is a beauty pageant competitor, and there is pressure among these little kids to look picture ‘perfect’.

She injects her child with Botox on the forehead, lips and other places in the face.

The mother claims its safe; however Botox is known to cause severe migraines, pain and rarely it causes nerve damage. Psychological damage can also be caused for the young girl with so much pressure on her at such a young age. She also has Waxing done and complained about the severe pain, however she has decided not to do it again, hopefully she would stop with the Botox as well.

The legal status is not clear and the mother refuses to clarify were she gets the Botox, it can be seen as malpractice as it is not used for medical purposes. To say the least it is shocking that a mother will support an eight year old using Botox for wrinkles.

Does this verge on Child Abuse? Or just poor parenting? Possibly the pressure of the Pageant competitions is partly to blame for this.


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