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Mommy Makeovers For Single Moms

Updated on November 29, 2009
Being a mother is a blessing. However, after pregnancy, you are left with excess skin and fat. How do you get back to your original shape?
Being a mother is a blessing. However, after pregnancy, you are left with excess skin and fat. How do you get back to your original shape?

Being a single parent is a tough job, but someone has to do it. Children are very precious gifts and they need your love and attention while growing up. However, this does not mean that you can let yourself go. It is not all right to look drab and so unattractive even the dog will not bark at you twice.

Luckily for single moms there are many Mommy Makeover packages available. Mommy makeovers may include a combination of nips and tucks that focus on the breast and belly areas. These are the parts of the body where women who had been pregnant are hardest hit with ugly scarring, sagging skin, and excess fat.

Lifting The Breasts And Adding More

The decision to undergo a breast lift and augmentation depends on the type of ptosis, or sagging, your breasts have. Contrary to popular notion, not all sagging breasts are bad. It is natural for young firm breasts to sag a little because of gravity, especially when they are already large and full.

The degree of sagging can be measured by placing a ruler underneath your breasts until the top of the ruler touches the breast crease. Very mild to mild sagging breasts have the center of their nipples are situated above the edge of the ruler’s top side. This kind of sagging only needs a minor lift called a crescent lift.

Mild to moderate sagging breasts have their nipples situated nearly below the ruler, while severe sagging breasts have nipples pointing downwards. These breasts may need more than a minor lift and some may be augmented to give them a fuller, rounder look.

There are instances that the sagging of the breasts may look severe, but the nipple remain perky and pointing upwards. These breasts have pseudo-ptosis, a condition most likely brought upon by girls not wearing sufficient support, such as a bra to fight the effects of gravity on fuller breasts.

Tummy Tucks And Butt Lifts

For mothers, the lower regions have the most number of cosmetic problems. One of these problems is the loose skin left over from a pregnancy. One of the solutions most supported by doctors is exercise and a good diet.

Some women's bodies are flexible and tight that they can get back in shape easily after pregnancy with just a few exercises and a proper diet. Other women, however, have to muddle through several weight loss programs to find peace of mind in something that truly works. One way to get rid of the loose skin around the middle is to go under the knife and have it taken off surgically. It may sound painful, but it is not. In fact, there is a new method for a tummy tuck called a SmartLipo.

SmartLipo is minimally invasive and quicker to perform than traditional surgery. It will also preserve the natural muscle tone of the woman, helping her achieve her natural body shape before she got pregnant.

A slightly round stomach couldn't hurt, you know. The small amount of fat helps protect a woman's nether regions where the uterus and the ovaries are found. This helps preserve the organs needed for the survival of the species.

About The Author

Claire Bretana is an independent blogger and freelance writer for various topics, such as Houston tummy tucks, term life insurance, and t-shirt printing.


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    • profile image

      Rana Das-Gupta 

      6 years ago

      Never forget the non surgical options using ultrasound and radifrequency to reduce stretch marks and cellilite


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