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Monroe Piercing

Updated on January 16, 2012

The Monroe Piercing is named, perhaps unsurprisingly after the legendary Marilyn Monroe. It is called this because it is positioned in the same spot as Marilyn Monroe’s beauty spot; that is to say, on the left hand side of the face, a little above the upper lip. Because it is supposed to represent Marilyn’s beauty spot, aMonroepiercing usually takes the form of a stud, though other types of piercing are possible, but would not look like a beauty spot. It is a piercing that has been increasing in popularity for several years and is perhaps best known on artists like the late Amy Winehouse. Interestingly, it is also possible to have this piercing on the opposite side of the face. In this instance it is called a Madonna piercing, after the singer, Madonna.

How Much Does a Monroe Piercing Cost?

As with all piercings, it is difficult to give an exact cost as this varies widely from place to place. Also, less ethical and unscrupulous piercers may well charge less but take less care of their equipment, and perhaps even worse, not be qualified to pierce at all. However, you should be prepared to pay in the region of $30 to $50 for your piercing. Remember of course, that a few dollars more spent using a qualified piercer may save you an awful lot of pains and problems later.

Does a Monroe Piercing Hurt?

By their very nature, all piercing procedures involve a certain amount of pain, or at the very least, sensation. How you define this pain probably depends on your own personal pain threshold. Because of its location though, a Monroe piercing should hurt less than, for example, a lip piercing. This is because the area where the piercing should be made, has less nerve endings than the lip. Some people do however; have the piercing a little nearer to the lip, where the pain is likely to increase. The pain has been likened to little more than a pinch or like biting your lip. As with all piercings, of course, the pain will subside not longer afterwards providing it is cared for correctly.

Can you do a Monroe Piercing at home?

Can you, and should you, are completely different things. Yes, physically, you could do a Monroe piercing at home, but you run many risks such as pain and infection. It simply is not worth it and is absolutely discouraged. You should use an experienced and qualified piercer to perform this. Perhaps the best way of selecting them is on the recommendation of friends who have had it done.

Example of a Monroe Piercing, with the stud on the left hand side of the face.
Example of a Monroe Piercing, with the stud on the left hand side of the face.

How to Care for a Monroe Piercing

You will most likely find that, after your Monroe piercing has been done, there is a little reddish and soreness. This is completely natural and indicates that an injury has been done to the facial tissue. Always make sure that if you touch the area where you have had the piercing, that your hands are thoroughly clean. Using anti bacterial soap will also help to keep infections down. It is a good idea also, to use an antibacterial mouth wash for a while, after a meal, or, alternatively, use a saline solution to rinse out your mouth to prevent infections being caused from inside your mouth. Above all, try to resist the temptation of touching the piercing at all. If you follow these rules of hygiene, you should be able to avoid aMonroepiercing infection quite easily.

What is the Likelihood of a Monroe Piercing Infection?

As stated above, providing that you take good care of your new piercing by using a mouthwash and avoid touching it, you will eliminate the risk of an infection to a large extent. If, after a few days however, it is feeling very sore or appears swollen, you should not just leave this presuming that it will go away. Make an appointment and see your doctor. There is always the possibility that the piercing needles were not as clean as they should have been.

What is The Best Jewelry for a Monroe Piercing?

As the Monroe piercing is supposed to replicate Marilyn Monroe’s beauty spot, it does make sense to make the best of this by using a stud. However, if you are not concerned by the authenticity of your piercing, there are many other options that you can take such as a labret.

In conclusion, your Monroe piercing is there for your pleasure so make sure that you invest a little time in finding the right person to do the piercing and be prepared to spend a little extra to have the job done well. If you do that, you should have a trouble free piercing for many years.


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    • Angelme566 profile image

      Angelme566 5 years ago

      Thanks for this information but i don't know maybe i am just very traditional old fashion , that i can't ride about this piercing in anywhere of the body..i don't find it as an art but i am respecting those who love it !.

    • charliegrumples profile image

      charliegrumples 5 years ago from UK

      I would suggest that if it is red and painful then it is likely to be an infection, especially after 3 weeks. Have a look at a couple of people's experience here and see if that helps .. if not, best to get some proper medical advice from a doctor.

    • profile image

      Kayla 5 years ago

      I Got my monroe 3 weeks ago today, if it still red and is very painfull. It didnt hurt at all when i got it done. It seems to be infected, But the people at the tatto shop said it wasnt infefcted. When i take my monroe out, there is a lump inside of my hole. I dont know what thsi means can Any one help me?

      Thank You.