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Monsoon Clothing

Updated on August 16, 2012

It depicts gloom usually with bad weather and by bad weather we’ve got a lot of rains, mud and everything in between. Going out on such an occasion makes out a lot of consideration to look out for particularly on the clothing you would wear to combat the ill effects of monsoon. Less is best in this situation and you would want clothes that has the ability to dry off quickly in this case cotton or poly nylon and shirts or polo’s that are short sleeves. It’s true that the case of monsoon brings out the worst in a weather but it is an opportunity to parlay fashionable clothes in the midst of a storm. That’s why in tropical countries you would find an array of clothes which depict lively colors as well an abundant line of skirts, dresses and tops made especially for monsoon season

First of all the best colors for monsoon clothing would go for blue, green and indigo it does something to counter the negative effects of a monsoon.

The different kind of hues that depict the aforementioned colors would go great as choices for the season. After choosing the right colors the fabrics will be the next and it would rely heavily on as said earlier poly-nylon or cotton. The idea is for clothing to dry off quickly because for some fabrics it has negative results once it gets damp by monsoon rains. For ladies they should avoid chiffon and crepe dresses for obvious reasons it loses its sheen and once that happens it can be ugly on the whole outfit. Materials made from beach wear can be an ideal choice it is ideal for monsoon and can protect the person from wet conditions. Casual monsoon clothing can be a pair of jeans accompanied by a cotton shirt.

Clothes which are made from rayon and silk is another trendsetter for the monsoon bringing out a whole variant of hues adding depth on a unique color combination that is not seen ordinarily.

Other ideal clothes for the monsoon includes palazzo pants accompanied by tank tops a great combination, satin fabrics can be another option, and the ever present denims which even the harshest of all monsoons cant damage its reputation by being one of the favorites on a rainy season. While it is true we can’t eliminate wearing the traditional wet boots and rain coat, monsoon is not a reason to change our fashion habits just so we can make frolicking in the rain a joyous moment. Fashion comes on how you project yourself and how to make the necessary adjustments on your clothing line work against winds and rains. It is setting your creativity at work.


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