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Montblanc Men's, Women's, Unisex Sunglasses Review: Polarised, Metal, Acetate, Amber

Updated on January 10, 2015

Montblanc Sunwear

Montblanc categorize their sunglasses according to materials – acetate and metal – and gender – men's, women's, and unisex. We suggest another categorization, one that divides the company's sunwear with purpose and setting in mind: casual, traveler/leisure type, and fashionable.

Most ladies' offerings fall in one way or another into the latter segment. Made of either acetate or metal, they display strong fashion qualities – which, however, serve different kinds of customers. Some veer towards pure, restrained elegance, other prefer more chique, loud, hip designs.

Men's sunglasses also aim for versatility, capturing masculinity in its different manifestation: cool, Matrix inspired (resembling Ray Ban Tech and Predator) frames will appeal to the experience traveler and the city animal, Wayfarer influence rectangle models will suit more the college types – all, of course, considering that these characterizations still carry any meaning in today's post-modern and fast changing world.

Montblanc Shadow Sunglasses
Montblanc Shadow Sunglasses


Metallic section includes robustly built, fully rimmed or rimless sunglasses, designed in the spirit of Ray Ban Tech and Predator collections, and almost always revealing some Aviators influences (an established classic that permeates contemporary eyewear manufacture) – either via the linking bar, the shape of the lenses, or general contours.

Temples carry the engraving of a trademark logo and the name “Montblanc;” the acetate earpieces contrast with the metallic orbitals, and create strong visual interest. Acetate becomes the main material in amber and black colored frames that replicate Aviators, Wayfarer, and Clubmaster classics, sometimes in surprising combinations.


Metallic sunglasses approach Cazal in the level of filigree work on the temples; they are also reminiscent of Versace, Valentino, and other fashion houses who enjoy intricate design for self-expression's, or even its own, aesthetic sake.

Acetate sunwear presents more conventional, quiet configurations that project confidence and elegant calm – large and expressive, but not oversized lenses, including a few soft bug-eye renderings, and a range of colors, from white, to havana and black. Here Montblanc take an approach similar to their watchmaking: stress on classic, refined styles that play to the brand's strengths.


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