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Montblanc Watch - Where can I buy it in Indonesia

Updated on April 11, 2011
Don't buy it!
Don't buy it!

Montblanc Watch - A high Quality Timepiece

Montblanc watches have been famous for their superior beauty, quality and accuracy. People know that when they want to buy a Montblanc watch, they need to find it at a boutique that has officially been appointed as an outlet for this luxurious product. Why luxurious? Because the workmanship is excellent. Watchmakers of the Montblanc watches use gold, sapphire and other expensive materials to make them. So, it is not surprising if the Montblanc watches are very expensive. One piece of Montblanc watch is a combination of art and science.

An Encounter with a Fake Watch

One day I met someone from Arfak mountains. He is an indigenous Papuan. I sometimes bring European tourists hiking in the mountains and staying at his house. Everyone who is trekking and doing bird watching in Arfak mountains need a water and shock resistant watch that can also withstand high humidity and wet dirt especially muddy soil. I have one but not a Montblanc watch. It's a Tissot. Back to the story about my friend. While I was talking with him, I saw the wrist watch that he was wearing. It's a Montblanc watch. I asked him where he bought the watch, he replied that he bought it from a traditional market in Manokwari city. I asked him if he could let me see the watch closely. He opened the watch from his wrist and gave it to me.

Don't Buy Counterfeit Watch

Upon a one minute closer inspection on the watch, I could easily tell that it was a fake Montblanc. However, I did not want to tell him that what he was wearing was a counterfeit product. I only said that Montblanc is a famous brand in the world. In Indonesia, counterfeit products are sold in most of the traditional markets. From shoes, leather bags, to dvd player and watches. These fake products have been labeled with international brands to attract buyers who are dreaming of buying high quality products in cheaper price. In a developing country like Indonesia, it is not only Montblanc brant that has been counterfeited. Numerous world brands such as Rolex, Tissot, Orient have been counterfeited buy cheap watchmakers.

Where to buy the watch in Indonesia?

Buying counterfeit goods is not recommended. In Indonesia genuine Montblanc watches can only be bought in five malls in Jakarta and Surabaya. These are two big cities in the country.

  • Montblanc Boutique Plaza Tunjungan III, Surabaya
  • Pacific Place Mall Jakarta
  • Plaza Indonesia Jakarta
  • Plaza Senayan Jakarta
  • Taman Anggrem

That's the information that I got from Store Locator of the official website of Montblanc.

Digital Time Indicators

For those who only want to know what time it is right now, digital clock or time indicator is available in most of our electronic gadgets. Although digital time indicator can be seen on the bottom right corner of our computer screen and on the top right corner of our cell phone, Montblanc mechanical watches are still attracting new buyers from around the world. As a matter of fact, what a Montblanc watch tells us is not only the times for our daily routine but also how precious our time is so that we must know waste it. We should spend our precious time in giving positive contributions to humanity and better world. by Charles Roring

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