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Moon Shoes: Fun and exercise rolled into one

Updated on April 5, 2011

Moon shoes are the children’s channel Nickelodeon’s contribution to the world of toys. The shoes made its debut via a popular television show named Double Dare. This was in the 1990s. They also go by the name of anti-gravity shoes simply because can provide a simulation of the feeling you get when you jump on a trampoline. It will also require some amount of imagination to believe you are defying gravity, like a walk on the moon. These moon shoes have shown the capacity to help a child improve on their balance as well as body co-ordination, while at the same time having healthy fun.

Moon shoes however did not really find favor with parents as many felt these were not safe playthings. However, moon shoes have never resulted in something negative that should be focused on. The material that moon shoes are made up of is basically plastic as well as elastic and come with adjustable straps. This allows a child to slip them on to an existing pair of shoes. These shoes are safe because they have in-built anti-slip soles that prevent a child from falling down.

Moon shoes are considered much safer than the larger alternative of a trampoline or roller skates. The most that can happen is a simple fall and a bruised knee. Contrary to perception, these shoes are not manufactured such as to allow the child to jump abnormally high. It is just a sensation of jumping higher than is normally experienced. For additional safety you can always get your child to wear knee and elbow guards. Never leave your child alone when he is playing and make sure that he is on a smooth and cushioned surface like a lawn or a carpet.

Besides exclusive Nickelodeon stores you will also get moon shoes from a number of independent manufacturers. They come in a variety of colors and sizes to suit the tastes of kids as well as teenagers who also like them. Adults who want to bring out the child in them too can find a pair to fit them. These shoes are great tools to keep hyperactive children occupied as well as for those budding astronauts.


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