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Healthy Skin

Updated on February 22, 2014

Skincare That Smells Fabulous

Moonlight Path is a Bath and Body Works cream or lotion for skin care. It is the richest and most luxurious smell I have ever savored in a body cream. This flavor of the Bath and Body Works line is enticing, refreshing and a great source for moisture for your skin.

Have Dry Skin?

With summer upon us, dry skin can be a problem. Use this rich cream or lotion to restore the natural moisture on the face and body. This product comes in a bath gel, after bath spray, hand lotion and body cream.

Use the bath gel in the shower or bath. Use the body spray after your bath. It leaves a hint of scent on the skin.

My favorite item is the body cream. This cream is packaged in an attractive jar or canister. Open the lid of the cream and you will love it too! It is perfect for moisturizing the face and body. Use it on the feet for smooth, soft feet. With sandals so popular, calluses and dry feet can be an issue. Use the cream to restore moisture and softness to your feet.

Pack a small lotion in your purse for dry hands. The smaller lotion bottles are perfect for travel.

Buy a Jar and Enjoy!

I have been using this cream for several years. I trust that Bath and Body Works will continue this line of product for many more years. There are additional flavors that I also enjoy, however Moonlight Path is my first choice. Second in line is the Japanese Cherry Blossom scent. My daughter gifted me with this flavor for Christmas. It too has a great scent and is very effective on the skin.

Get your favorite flavor and have great looking skin. All of the creams and lotions are modestly priced. Unlike other skin products, these lotions are rich and dense, not watery, and easy to apply. Hours after the application, you will still enjoy the rich scent of the cream or lotion on your skin. I invite you to try this delightful cream soon!

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