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Moroccanoil treatment, Original Moroccan oil hair treatment-Review

Updated on August 13, 2013

The real deal?

Every one knows that washing your hair everyday is suicide for your hair, sure it looks nice and healthy after you wash it but all the lathering strips the natural oils that are essential for your hair. I have been hearing a lot of good things about moroccan oil but I just thought it was just another trend, keyword THOUGHT! This stuff is amazing to say the very least. A recent visit to my stylist about 2 weeks ago, has changed my hairs life so much. I have medium thin hair and it was very dry,I asked my stylist to put the Moroccan oil treatment on me, she cut my hair and put the Moroccan oil on on while my hail was still damp and then she blew me out, and i was floored. This product instantly adds shine, elasticity, and silkiness that I never thought could be achieved with my hair. It also minimizes my frizz. This product is definitely platinum in a bottle

I have experimented with this product on my own in different ways, I have tried using it on wet hair, dry hair, and both. I have noticed that my hair does seem to dry faster with the Moroccan oil. The only thing I'm not quite impressed with is the smell, it smells like almonds in my opinion. I would also say at $40 a bottle it is a bit pricey, but on the other hand I only use an amount the size of a dime and it looks like a $40 bottle will last me for a good long while. Also, this product is not available everywhere so the price,longevity of the bottle, and the price of other hair products I would waste my money on trying to achieve these results, Id say its a small price to pay! This is definitely a must try for all woman with all different types of hair.

The Facts

Moroccan oil does contain silicone which aids in sealing hair to give it that soft, shiny look. Although silicone can make hair silky and luscious, just be sure to use products containing silicone in moderation. If you have Moroccan oil moisturizing conditioner then this will counter the effects of the silicone that is the base in the Moroccan oil shampoo. There are many other great hair products available online if you prefer products that do not contain silicone yet still have argan oil in them.

A really great fact about Moroccan oil products is that none of them contain alcohol. Alcohol can dry out hair and cause breakage and split ends. Moroccan oil products do not build up and they are very gentle on hair but they also give you shine and softness.

Like I said this product is not available everywhere, if you cant find it in your salon then you might have to buy in online form Ebay or Amazon, but it is a must have!


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    • profile image

      Angelina Rosemary 5 years ago

      Thanks for Your review :)


      To not overpay I buy it directly from Israel the

      MOROCCANOIL 100ml costed me 37$ + Free shipment on

      Unfortunately it's not sold in everystore :(

    • sarahmoose profile image

      Sarah Chewings 5 years ago from Nottingham, England

      Great info, my sister in law does my hair and puts this on, as I dye it regularly and also wash it every day. It's really soft and silky with this treatment!


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