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More on old fashion today

Updated on August 7, 2015

Some things are different of course

Not all things that appeared in fashion is something that is followed today, although some things are trying to make a comeback.

For example, girdles and undergarments of that nature for women. Nowadays women won't wear a slip under their skirt or dress, (even though general decorum suggests that should) or even girdles. Although truthfully girdles should really only be used in cases where you need to really look and fit your best. Back in the times when women used them it was very common for women to wear so they could form their waist. It was very important that they have that tiny waist.

Back to slips under skirts and dresses. It is very important to wear them. It was considered to be in bad taste. Think about it. Why would you only wear undear under that skirt/dress? If it hiked up or flew up, or even if you bent over and someone saw what color your underwear was if you're wearing any. Which is another thing altogether. One should always be ladylike and provide a sort of mystery in their undergarments. You can be modern without being badly dressed.

Back to the sixties we tend to notice a pattern when it comes to hair or hair accessories. Women of the time would 'rat' their hair, 'tease' it and 'bump' it. Bangs were also pretty popular but then they have always been popular even today with some of the similar traits.

People like the late Amy Winehouse, or Adele tend to lean towards these hair fashions because they're classic and they are just plain fun. Anyone can really do it if they so wished. And in fact there was a phase we went through when this was simply all the rage, just a couple years back.

Then the hair accessories such as bandannas, floral headbands, and so many others.

Think those highwaist skinny pant jeans are new fashion? Think again. They have been in the works for quite sometime.

High waist was something that faded around the 90's when low rise started to come out. Which only let some people have to pull up their pants up more. It leave your buttocks out in the open and your muffin and love handles spill over.

The 70's! An interesting era in itself, it tries to make its way from showing very little to show quite a bit more and into the 80's wear something quite different appears.

Think the plunging neckline is something we've only just begin to use the last decade? Not really. Also something that women have been perfecting.

Personally I love wearing heals with jeans!

And now we come to one of my favorites. The 80's!

Of course as you all know the 80's have tried to make a reapearance this past decade but it has a success. You will find the similar things like the bright neon colors, the acid wash jeans, even blazers! Actually blazers are becoming more and more popular with the younger crows these days. And truthfully why not? I myself own at least three or four blazers. What you need to do is get them in a variety of colors and they can dress up anything even just by wearing it over t-shirt, jeans, and of course don't forget a pair of Converse!

High waist jeans are still in fashion of course. Low rise jeans don't come into fashion until really the 2000s. And now of course you see high waist coming back. They're just better for your figure.

80's Fashion is truly artistic

Take a look at some pictures of 80's fashion. If you research it you will most likely see hundreds of pictures of women in tights, leotards, and of course legwarmers! Legwarmers really did try to make a come back, but it didn't quite it the mark like it did in the 80's. Mostly dancers use them but really even now you still don't see them as much although they still try to sell them at store's like Claires.

But an infamous look that came out of the eighties, was those dark, gothic looking clothes. And really this didn't even occur until the late eighties, into the nineties. Punk rock was forming and black was in. You had your studs and your heavy boots.

Think you were the first punk?

Yes even the eyewear!

That's all folks!

And this is where I end my look into how fashion never changes, and influences in today's world. I won't be going into the 90's because quite frankly as a 90's girl myself I never cared for the fashion.

We have seen all sorts of things on this journey and I only hope I have enlightened those who love fashion as much as I do!

Which is best?

Which era would you style after?

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You vs. your parents fashion

So what wins? Todays fashion or the past?

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      Lea Wilson 3 years ago

      Take a look at some of the shoes too!