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Horse Costumes and Fursuits

Updated on November 14, 2016

Some horse costumes really raise the bar in terms of quality, while others show more enthusiasm than skill. Here are a few of my favorite examples of astounding full-body equine costumes and masks. Please let me know of any other great horse costumes you know of!


"Fursuits" are highly detailed costumes of anthropomorphic (bipedal/human like) animals. Some of the equine examples are exquisitely detailed!


Quadsuits are fursuits that are worn in the four-legged (quadrupedal) stance, often using short stilts to lengthen the arms.

  • Fuzzy Pony by LileahWest (2010)--A very high quality dapple gray pony quadsuit [pictured, right]
  • Epona by Soroxas023 (2010)--More of a basic model
  • Epona by LileahWest (2011)
  • Maximus (in progress) (2011)
  • Peacock horse (2014)


Halloween Costumes

There are some mass-produced costumes that are easier to get hold of. Like couples costumes like horse and jockey. And of course some clearly home made costumes that have a charm of their own.

Photo credit: axisworks / / CC BY-ND

Horse Masks

Rider Costume

And of course there is the classic costume design to make you look like you are riding a horse.


Difference costumes may be worn to celebrate the Chinese year of the horse. You can see a number of different examples at ChinaCart.



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