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Fashion: Winter 2012 For Would-Be Fashionistias

Updated on July 1, 2012


What I know about fashion is what I've read in many different fashion magazines, what I watch on the runways of Paris, New York, and Milan, and what I check into on those "make-me-over" shows where they throw away all of the person's clothes and make them start all over. I must admit that usually, the women they work on end up looking and feeling much better when they're all through with them.

So, I'm here to say that I love fashion. It's fun you can have every day, And, I thought I'd pretty much talk about what's going on right now in the fashion world, and how you can be current when it comes to fashion without spending a lot of money.

One big thing you've probably noticed is all the different scarves out there. Too, there are as many ways to wear them as there are styles and colors. It's seems the most popular scarves are oblong and can be worn by folding them in two, making a loop, and placing them around your neck and pulling the loose ends through the loop. You can place the middle of a really long scarf against the front of your neck and flip the ends back only to wrap them in the front. The adjusst the cascading folds so they're not to tight. To wear large square scarves fold them into a triangle with the smaller triangle on top. Then point the "V" down and tie behind your neck. This looks fantastic if the scarf has any kind of fringe. You can also tie them on just like you used to when you were a kid. You can fold them over and tuck them into a jacket or shirt. You can wear them as a sarong, or even a belt. They're a great way to punch up an outfit with a little color and texture.In fact they can bring a whole outfit together. You can even build an outfit starting with the scarf. I'll let you know though, that even though they're scarves, most often you'll see people keeping them on after they take off their coats.

Shoes, again and again make a season's clothes fresh and new. Right now if you're in the warm weather it's still strappy heels, and shoes that pay a lot of attention to the ankle area. Even, in the cold weather areas, over-the-ankle boots continue to be the rage, as are the over-the-knee boots that are just popular this season. Short boots with little buckles and extra designs in the leather are the best looking. You can go for the flat ones or the heels, whichever you prefer. Another thing. I've been seeing short thin socks worn with high heel sandles and short boots, as well as animal print faux fur trimmed socks to wear with short boots.

When it comes to what to wear with these tall or short boots I say it's tights with skirts and dresses, or pants, and leggings with longer tops or sweaters. Layering is big. If you're a jeans type of girl just wear all of these cool shoes and boots with straight or slightly flared jeans, throw on a top and you're ready to go.

Also leg warmers and gloves without the fingertips, or with metal on the fingertips for texting are out there now to keep you warm. Keeping warm with a coat seems to depend on what your idea of warm is. Many of the wool coats and trench coats are just above the knee. On the runways you'll see these coats worn with waist length boxy jackets over them, and some sort of skirt or pants underneath. Most often you'd see this arrangement of clothing in variations of the same neutral color like grey, cream and brown.. And, when you see people wearing little black leather jackets they're wearing them over longer tops and jeans or leggings.

When it comes to pant lengths you'll see a mid-calf version of a dress pant as well as high waisted dress pants that taper down, and of course you'll see younger people wearing the low rise skinny jeans. Dress lengths are all over the place. There's very short, above the knee, just below the knee, calf length, and the maxi. You pick.

Big bags will always be "in" as far as I'm concerned because I need room for everything in there. It seems though, that smaller more constructed bags have been shown on the runways lately. I don't know. I can't use a little structured bag. It's too small. Small is great if it's an evening bag, but otherwise...

Another way to update your look is with the chunky jewelry that's out now. Many times it's made of what looks like a chain you would use in the garage or something. But, this one bracelet that I got from this jewelry artist in Royal Oak ,MI, has little chains and trinkets hanging from it. It goes with everything. It's both silver and gold in color. It's also got pearls, and rhinestones on it. It's really fresh. There are also some great necklaces out there with the same theme.

So you can see that with just a few items and a little creativity you can put outfits together just like you were on one of those make-over shows


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