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Skin: At Home Spa Treatments

Updated on April 17, 2013

Home Spa Ideas

The best thing I can think about a spa is the massage. If you're at home though you'll have to find someone who can fill in for the masseur at the real spa.

You've heard about home pampering before. But, if you take a whole day and just indulge yourself, you'll feel like you went to the spa, and you'll feel beautiful.

Now, the first thing is to consider peace and quiet. At least try and make sure the kids are in school or with a friend so that you can relax. Still, you can do some of these things even if there is no peace and quiet.

If it is quiet and you don't like it invite a friend or two over to have fun too. Or, you could put on your favorite movie and have it playing in the background. You know, so that when it comes to the good parts you can run over there and take a minute to view. And, music is important too if you enjoy a little bit of background noise. Who knows maybe you're like the Royal watchers said that Diana was. I guess she liked to turn up the music and dance around the palace.

When you look around you shouldn't see piles of laundry and the like. Try and do all that stuff in the couple of days preceding your spa day. It'll make the whole thing more relaxing. Oh! And, also get the things done ahead of time that you just can't do, like a haircut, waxing, or anything else you can think of.

I like to start with first things first. So I shower and shave my legs. I use great smelling shave cream and orange shower get with my loofa. I dry ;my hair and put a deep conditioner on it with a plastic cap. and let it soak right in for about 20 min., or longer if I like.

Next I make a facial scrub from liquid soap and sugar. I use my washcloth and rub this concontion over my face and neck in little circles until I've gotten the dead skin cells off. I pat dry my face. Then I whip up some fruit yogurt, oatmeal, and egg to make a face mask. This one is good for dry skin, but if you have oily skin add some lemon to the mixture. Put it all over your clean face and let it stay on for as long as you want. It will harden some as time goes on.

The rest of your skin needs attention too. Spread a layer of thick body cream all over your skin and rub it in well. While this is soaking in and the facial is on, and your hair is conditioning, soak your feet in some salts if you have them, or just in soapy warm water. Soak your cuticles in warm soapy water and check in on your movie.

After you're done soaking your hands and feet, put some special cuticle moisturizer on your fingers and toes and rub in it well. Take the moisture off your nails with polish remover or alcohol.Speaking of that if you do have polish on, take it off. Wash and dry your fingers and toes and apply a coat of your favorite color. Sit around munching and listening to tunes and pop in another movie if you like.

When the polish is dry rinse out your hair and rub off any extra moisturizer left over on your skin. You're now ready to soak in a bubble bath and have a glass of wine if you choose. If you're pruned up so to speak, get out. Style your hair, put on some make-up and a great comfortable outfit that makes you feel good and relax into the evening looking and feeling beautiful.


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    • lisasuniquevoice profile image

      Lisa Brown 5 years ago from Michigan


      Thanks for reading. Enjoy!


    • loveofnight profile image

      loveofnight 5 years ago from Baltimore, Maryland

      I am so going to do this today. I have everything that I need to make it special for me.Thanks for the share

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 6 years ago from The Caribbean

      Thanks for sharing this reminder and the know-how on self-pampering. Voted USEFUL!