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Moustache Necklace Jewelry

Updated on January 25, 2018

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The Moustache Necklace

Have you ever wanted something so badly, but that something was out of your reach? For many people, growing a mustache is simply beyond their capabilities. Whether cursed with low facial hair growth, or simply the wrong sex, this beautiful bit of facial hair will eternally elude you. Unless you get a mustache necklace!

Mustache necklaces are really cool! You not only have a nice bit of fashionable jewelry, but you have a mustache necklace on call should you ever need one!

Learn some more about the mustache necklace and how it can make your life much better. So much better, in fact, that the only thing better is an actual, authentic 'stache!

Moustache Necklace: A Fashion Forward Choice

The mustache necklace is indeed a great choice for you if you want to make a statement, ironic or otherwise. What better symbol to tout? Mustache necklaces are a fun choice for anyone who loves that little tuft of hair under the nose. Perhaps you're a die-hard Tom Selleck fan, and you just can't get enough of reruns of Magnum P.I. Maybe you've been checking out Johnny Depp's suave and sophisticated pencil mustache, or Brad Pitt's recent 'stache in Inglorious Bastards!

The mustache necklace is also a great choice if you frequently find yourself needing to go incognito! Mustache necklaces have the added bonus of being a quick go-to disguise option. Just grab the necklace, lift the pendant itself to your upper lip, and presto! Instant disguise!

Likewise, the mustache necklace is perfect for that shy teen unable to properly impress his friends. Worry no more, shy teen! Mustache necklaces are proven to increase your manliness quotient by 50%, and add an element of mystery that only a well manicured patch of rugged, manly hair can impart!

Moustache Necklaces Not The Only Options

You don't have to stop at the mustache necklace. If you're truly obsessed with the 'stache, you can find other pieces of mustache jewelry out there. The convenient and handy mustache ring is a capable alternative. You'll have to master the different technique, of course: instead of lifting the pendant to your lip, you must use your finger. Tricky, but you'll get it!

Other mustache paraphernalia exists too, and I recommend doing your research to find the proper homage. The mustache necklace is a great option, but you can find t-shirts, false mustaches and other articles of clothing that represent it well!

Lastly, if you're unable to grow facial hair, don't fret! The mustache necklace is almost as cool, and it's completely retractable! Don't feel like looking awesome anymore? Just stash your 'stache!

Good Luck!

A mustache ring!
A mustache ring! | Source


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