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Hand Picked Movado ESQ Watches Huge Watch Discounts

Updated on October 19, 2010

Movado ESQ Watches Are Heirlooms

ESQ watches by Movado are some of the most beautiful and precious watches in the world. So what is it that makes ESQ watches so unique? They are what you may call a GQ watch. One look at these fine watches and you will be able to instantly tell that these watches are for the classy and discerning individual.

If you like the finer things in life and have enjoyed certain professional or artistic success, then an ESQ watch represents just that. These watches combine elegance in design with the very best of engineering and accuracy.

ESQ Watches Fine Quality. Discount Prices (Men's)

ESQ Watches Signify Quality

Movado ESQ watches are Swiss. That is like saying that a car is German. Swiss watches are world renowned for their beauty, simplicity, elegance and attention to detail. When you buy an ESQ watch, you are buying into a hundred years of Watch Making legacy. That is no mean feat. In a world that desires mass produced and cheap quality products, Movado has continued to serve the upper crust of society with the finest quality that money can buy.

ESQ watches signify exactly that sort of quality.

ESQ Watches Fine Quality. Discount Prices (Women's)

Have You Heard of The Museum Watch

The Movado company was founded in Switzerland in 1881. It is most well known for its singularly unique "Museum Watch" which has a single gold dot that signifies the sun at high noon. The original Museum Watch is considered to be the first wrist watch ever to be displayed at the Museum of Modern Art and was designed in 1947.

Yes, this is an old and respected watch maker that has been famous throughout Europe for more than a century. Movado is well known for its artistically designed watches and their ESQ collection is no exception. ESQ watches are heirlooms to be passed down from one generation to the next and are expected to last for not one but many lifetimes.

Quality With a Discount

With the advent of the online store, you can now buy Movado ESQ watches for a lot less than you would pay in high end stores in Europe. That does not mean that you get anything less than the highest quality watch that you deserve.

It simply means that you, as an intelligent and well informed buyer can now buy these watches at a very good price. I have put together some watches that come at incredible discounts and represent unbeatable beauty, elegance and quality that come with the Movado name.

As a proud owner of an ESQ myself, I can tell you that you will be more than happy with any one of these prized timepieces.


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