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Movado Eliro Swiss Luxury Watches (Rectangular, Ladies', Men's) Review

Updated on January 13, 2015

Rectangular Cases

Featuring a rectangular case, Eliro watches represent an important stylistic departure from the classic perfect round shape the company usually employs. That, in itself, is statement that will transpire from the wearer as well: "I am wearing a Movado - but a different, rare model."

The rectangle emits another kind of energy - not necessarily a "square" one -- but angular, less streamlined and more nuanced, fitting an according personality type. The models with the smoothed out edges exhibit a transformational phase of becoming more round or elliptical, and can speak for owners who experience character transitions.

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Stainless Steel | DiamondsCurved Shape | Sapphire Crystal | Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel | Diamonds
Stainless Steel | Diamonds
Curved Shape | Sapphire Crystal | Stainless Steel
Curved Shape | Sapphire Crystal | Stainless Steel

Men's and Women's

Movado makes Eliro models for men and women, producing essentially two different collections -- so notable are the differences between the two lines. While men's watches feature sleek, urban and somewhat "cold" design (with an impossible curved shape), supported by the traditional black face, steel case and bracelet, and a mirror-like crystal cover, women's items venture into a different - surprising territory.

But before we talk about those, there is one common trait worth a special mention: separate models for both sexes carry diamonds on their side, generating truly luxurious bedecked timepieces that can be immediately recognized as coming from one unique family, the Eliro collection.

Flirting With Time

Women's models are ensconced in luscious pink (reminds me of strawberry milkshake) or matted intoxicating blue; both the face and the bracelet are colored.

These watches wander into a defiant stylistic zone of lesser control and more open, riskier and sexier designs that flirt with the onlooker's eye. Women's Eliro make our eyes linger on the watch and experience an uncertain amount of sensuous pleasure.

Here the brand transposes into the sphere of jewelry, rendering their products small items which aesthetic value emulates the pragmatic one. The trademark Movado dot and sword-shaped hands remain unchanged, or undergo slight alterations in some variations.


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