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Movado Esperanza Ladies and Men's Watches Review

Updated on August 31, 2011


For the extensive Esperanza collection Movado focused their imagination mostly on bracelets and faces, combining precious metals and other materials, basically creating a series of variations on the classic brand "theme:" usually round shape (most often with a black face in men's watches), the ever-present dot, and the rapier-shaped hands.

Ladies' collection include more colors, such as white, blue and gray, as well as square and rectangular shapes (in some rare men's models too), in addition to the classic circle. Diamonds incorporated on various parts of the case put the stamp of unmistakable luxury on the Movado watches.

Gold and Stainless Steel | Sapphire Crystal
Gold and Stainless Steel | Sapphire Crystal

It's The Bracelets

Esperanza bracelets display striking properties and design modifications. Any bracelet is an integral part of any watch, continuing the ideas and concepts of the case and the face, or elaborating on them; taking considerable areas in comparison to the watch itself, the bracelet may even be seen as a separate piece of jewelry.

Movado exploits these qualities in the Esperanza collection by enhancing the visual impact of the bracelet. The bracelets arrive in several types, employing geometrical and knot motifs, and incorporating such materials as gold, steel, fabric, leather, as well as invaluable quantities of artistic invention.

Control and Power

All these make the procedure of putting a Movado on and clasping it a particularly enjoyable and memorable experience. Moreover, a watch with a stress on the bracelet may reveal a person who loves to have a tight hold on things - someone who is always in control, and likes it that way.

Depending on the shape of the bracelet - some contain wide openings - you can determine the measure of control the wearer seeks to achieve. Besides the bracelet pieces, Movado's Esperanza collection includes women's models that have mother of pearl faces - an ingredient that brings a touch of finesse to the overall design, rendering it softer and warmer.


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