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Movado Amorosa Ladies Swiss Luxury Watches Review

Updated on January 13, 2015

Amorosa: Love Star

Movado Amorosa women's watches comprise all the elements that made the brand a common name for elegance: The black dial, the round conspicuous dot and the sword-shaped hands that float gracefully above the face. The blackness and the sole twelve-hour mark represent the cosmos – a timeless space encompassing a star – that the designers wish to tame with their timepieces.

The image's universality reminds us of ourselves, because we are all little stars (or at least wish to be) in this world. With this collection Movado appeal to our secret desire to shine accordingly; the name “Amorosa” leaves no doubt that the glow it emits is that of love.

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Stainless Steel | Sapphire CrystalGold | Jewel Clasp | DiamondsDiamonds | Stainless Steel Bangle | Gold
Stainless Steel | Sapphire Crystal
Stainless Steel | Sapphire Crystal
Gold | Jewel Clasp | Diamonds
Gold | Jewel Clasp | Diamonds
Diamonds | Stainless Steel Bangle | Gold
Diamonds | Stainless Steel Bangle | Gold

The Risks of Love

The most striking feature in this collection is the bracelet – it looks unusually loose and fragile, with a wide decorative opening. This is a risky design, and it reflects the risks of love, which put us into unstable, vulnerable situations.

However, the unique combination of a slender bangle that holds a relatively large, solid watch also proves how strong and resilient the bonds of love can be. Movado Amorosa watches can acts as a metaphor for the threads of memory that lead us to our most precious moments – the time enclosed by the watch – and remind us of the pleasures of amorousness.


Amorosa collection contains several models, including those made of stainless steel, gold (or incorporating gold), and diamonds. I actually prefer the watches without the stones, which I think disrupt somewhat the unity of the design, though definitely render it more luxurious.

Like most Movado's women's watches, Amorosa is also available with silver dials. In terms of movements, these are Swiss watches carrying a robust quartz movement known for its precision; this collection, however is more notable for how it approaches jewelry design, and stresses the concepts of beauty and visual effect.


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