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Movember Shaving Tips

Updated on November 4, 2014

It is Movember again, and that means shaving your lip curls. Here's the tips for the smoothest shave!

This is the bare minimum you'll need for a close shave: Shaving cream, any razor and a shaving mirror
This is the bare minimum you'll need for a close shave: Shaving cream, any razor and a shaving mirror

The toolbox

If you are anything like me, you've stood in front of a mirror with a one-use razor for 15 minutes before tossing the razor, only to realize you've missed a spot or that the shave isn't as close as the ones in the ads.

This is because you aren't using the right tools for your lip tickler!

You do not need to get any expensive razor to get a close shave, all you need is shaving cream, any kind of razor and a shaving mirror. The last part is important!

A shaving mirror is a small, concave mirror that gives a magnifying effect. it is like watching yourself in the mirror through a magnifying glass. This allows you to see every strand of facial hair from the root to the tip. I did not believe it at first, but after trying one out, I noticed the difference right away.

The razor can be of any kind, but the disposable razors can tend to leave your skin a bit tender, especially when shaving against the grains. They are also a bit tricky to hold. If you have the money for it, get a proper razor that you are happy with, that fits your hand comfortably and slides over your skin smoothly.

Shaving cream is a must! Though you can shave without cream, it will more than likely leave your face a bit bloody, as every imperfection in your skin will cause the razor blade to slide sideways and nick the skin. If you are in a pinch, some soap (hard soap, not liquid) will work fine, but for the best results you should use a proper cream.

A good after shave is optional, but it does make you smell wonderful (and thereby feel wonderful) and it closes the pores. This helps keeping that 5-o-clock shadow at bay.

If you have grown your facial hair for a while, you might need to cut it first with a pair of scissors.

Against the grains

To get the closest shave, you shouldn't just shave downwards, you should also shave against the direction that the hair is growing. This is called shaving against the grain.

When the razor slides over the hair, the hair will slide under the razor and be trapped between your skin and the blade. If you shave against the grain, the hair will try to stand up at the first available moment. That moment is when the slit in the razor, just before the edge of the blade, hits the tip of the hair. The hair will no longer be trapped and will be shaved off as close to your skin as the blade gets.

Collection of modern cartridge razors
Collection of modern cartridge razors | Source

Shave first, shower later

Always follow a shave with a shower. This helps you get rid of all the lose hairs and remnants of shaving cream. It will also take longer than just washing your face, which gives blood time to show.

If you happened to nick your skin while shaving, you won't always feel it. If you are too quick from the razor to the wardrobe, you might end up with blood on your shirt. I can't tell you how upset you can get when you're halfway out the door, look down at your tie and notice that your only clean white shirt is now dotted with red, and it's 45 minutes to that wedding you were going to... (Yes, this did happen to me!).

A facewash also leaves out the chest. If you have a hairy chest (like me), it can be hard to catch the lose hairs that fell down there. If you take on a shirt with lose hairs on your chest, you'll go around itching your chest for the rest of the day.

Take your time, step into the shower, let the water run over your face and wash away all those strands that were previously attached to your face. This will also help you to relax and be ready to take on the day, no matter what you are about to do.


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© 2014 Chris Carlsson


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