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Moving towards Organic Skin Care

Updated on December 10, 2012

Organic skin care treatments are on the rise throughout the beauty community, and with good reason too. They are a beneficial way to take care of your skin – which is the largest organ in the body, without using harmful synthetic ingredients that can be controversial, to say the least. Many products used today contain ingredients such as parabens, SLS, Nanoparticles, and many more (see full list here) which have proven to have negative effects on the skin and body when used in excess. 

But there is good news in the organic industry. All organic products are made from plant extracts, mineral and even fruits and vegetables. Many parts of these plants can be used to make organic products, including rinds, seeds, peels, fruit, stem, and leaves, just to name a few. And the best thing about using organic products is their lack of the above harmful ingredients.

Using organic products and natural beauty products is a great way to help promote healthy, vibrant skin, as most of them have many beneficial uses, such as antioxidant properties, antibacterial properties, and moisturizing properties, and some even have regeneration properties, which is incredibly beneficial to the skin and body. There are many more properties, too many to list, but if you are interested in organic ingredients and their properties, you can check out some ingredient profiles on this Natural Beauty site for carrier oils, essential oils, cosmetic butters and waxes. Because the demand has grown tremendously over the last few years in the natural and organic beauty market, products that are organic in nature are popping up everywhere and the choices available are endless.

Those looking to make the switch to organic beauty products should be sure to look at all ingredient listings on the back of packages, a lot of companies claim to only use “natural” or “organic” ingredients, when in fact only a couple ingredients fall under that category. This is why it is also important to educate yourself on what ingredients do and what ingredients are deemed “natural” and “organic” in the eyes of experts. You can check out Natrue, they have some great guides for going natural, and guidelines to help your search for truly natural and organic beauty products.

Going organic is the best way to promote young and healthy skin, and is the best thing for your skin and body. The best way to keep up with this trend is to educate yourself and use that education to make informed decisions on your beauty and health regimen.


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    • Liquid Soul profile image

      Liquid Soul 7 years ago from Kirra, QLD

      Well said! I opened my own business Liquid Soul about 2 years ago because I got sick of all the false claims in the organic hair&skin care industry. I only use certified organic ingredients in my products because they are of best quality!