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Mr. Peabody and Sherman Costume Ideas

Updated on July 22, 2014

Dress Up Like Mr. Peabody and Sherman

Remember "The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show"? There were two characters called Mr. Peabody and Sherman that were featured in special segments of the 1960s show. Dreamworks Animation has now given them their own animated comic sci-fi movie to introduce them to our kids today.

The world's smartest dog, Mr. Peabody, adopts a little boy called Sherman. Peabody builds a time machine called the WABAC and Sherman takes his enemy turned friend, Penny, on some crazy adventures. Peabody tries to help Sherman and Penny out of their messes but gets dragged in along with them as the WABAC takes them through various famous settings in history.

Once your child watches the movie, there's a good chance that he or she will want to dress up and one of the characters in it. So, here's a guide with simple but effective Mr. Peabody and Sherman costume ideas.

Most of these pieces are simple and can be mixed and matched or worn throughout the year as part of an everyday outfit. This makes the costumes from this movie very cost effective too.

In addition to the Sherman costume for boys, girls will love to dress up as Penny - Sherman's friend.

Sherman Costume Ideas

What makes Sherman so lovable is that he's so much like our kids. He means well but is spirited and adventurous so he often gets into trouble!

The articles of clothing that he wears are simple to put together and they can be worn at anytime, so it doesn't feel like a waste of money. He also has bright red hair and wears round black-rimmed glasses. Mr. Peabody also wears the same glasses and a red bow tie. You could either get your child a Mr. Peabody plush toy or dress up his toy dog to look like him.

Glasses for Sherman and Mr. Peabody

Both the characters in the movie wear these round black-rimmed glasses. They also happen to be perfect as part of a Harry Potter or Where's Waldo costume, so your kids can get plenty of use out of them.

They are toy glasses, so they don't have lenses in them and will fit kids aged 4 and older. They measure 5.25 inches across and 5.25 inches from the rim to the end of the arms.

Temporary Red Hair Spray

Sherman's bright red hair will surely be a highlight of any boy's costume! An easy and inexpensive way to achieve the red hair is with a temporary non-toxic hair spray.

This hair spray will give you a vivid red and it will wash right out with one shampoo. Make sure you cover up yours and your child's clothes and preferably do it open space to prevent the spray from getting onto other things.

A White Cotton Crew Neck T-shirt

Your son may already have one of these, but if the fit is too snug like an undergarment, it won't look too good as outer wear.

This particular crew neck T-shirt is made of a thicker material than most undershirts, so it will look good as an outer T-shirt. The fit is also loose and it is tagless, so there is no risk of an itchy neck!

A Pair of Black Shorts

Sherman wears his black shorts loose, so a pair of athletic shorts will do well for his costume.

This pair is made of polyester with a tricot lining, so it's comfortable to wear. The inseam is 9 inches and the waist band is elasticated to provide a good fit for most boys.

White Casual Shoes

Don't these Converse shoes look almost identical to Sherman's? These high cut canvas shoes with rubber soles even sport the red and blue lines at the bottom. They come with white laces, which is what you'll need for the costume, but after that you can switch to the extra red pair that's also provided.

The retro-look will be a nice fashion statement for other occasions!

Red Striped White Socks

Sherman also wears low rise white socks with two horizontal red stripes at the top. These soccer style nylon and spandex socks aren't identical but very close.

Just pull them low for the correct height. The brand's logo will also be hidden by the high cut canvas shoes above.

Mr. Peabody Costume Ideas

Mr. Peabody is a white beagle with brain! If your child has the smarts he probably would like to go as Mr. Peabody instead of Sherman.

Another idea is if your child is dressed like Sherman, he could take along a plush toy dog with him to the costume party and accessorize it to make it look like Mr. Peabody. Just add a red bow tie and big round black glasses!


Child's Mr. Peabody Costume

This Mr. Peabody costume is just right for the character. It has a white shirt with attached gloves, pants, dog feet, a red bow tie and the character's dog head with glasses.

It will fit a 4 to 6 year old between 3 and 4 feet tall.

A White Pooch

If your child already has a similar looking white dog, that's great!

Otherwise, this cuddly plush toy is good too. Just add the glasses from above and the red bow tie from below and Mr. Peabody can accompany your kid to the party!

A Red Bow Tie

This doggie bow tie is simple with an adjustable collar and can be clipped on quickly. Very smart looking!

Take a look at the official trailer for more Mr. Peabody and Sherman Costume Ideas

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