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Multi Functional Head Bands

Updated on October 8, 2017

The bandana that is available in the market today, is not merely a piece of cloth to protect only a part of your face from the vagaries of nature. It acts as a protective shield for the head, face and neck and it can also make a fashion statement. Yes, it serves many purposes. With multi-purpose bandanas flooding the marketplace, there is a plethora of choices available! One needs to choose the right one depending upon what it will be used for and by whom.

Uses in Sports

Many who are into sports, find this accessory, very useful. It not only absorbs sweat easily but also prevents hair from falling on to the face during vigorous sports activities. It thus enables them to focus on the play. Long distance runners find this accessory especially useful, as it not only helps absorb sweat, but also acts as a neck gaiter. This keeps them warm underneath and guards their head and neck from negative elements of nature.

Buy Multi-Functional Headbands

Protection for Bike-riders

This all-purpose accessory helps bikers too to shield and safeguard their head, face and neck as it acts as a skull mask as well as a face mask. It provides protection from pollutants and dust and also from strong winds and cold air.

Most bandanas today are seamless and made of microfiber polyester material and are breathable. They are also available in very many different colors, designs and can be worn in many different ways!


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