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Must-have Women's Garments for a Fashionable Fall

Updated on October 14, 2011

Fall is my favorite time of the year to dress up and feel classy, confident and vibrant. I especially like the choice of color that is available in clothing items that mirrors the beautiful natural transformation of trees, grass and the nature. This is probably my number one piece of advice to all women seeking to feel elegant and stylish during this season: wear clothing that matches the colors you find in nature at this time of the year- particularly orange, all shades of green, magenta, and yellow. Even purple and gray is indicative of the fall cloudiness and evening sunsets. Of course, it is not always advisable to overload on color, but matching and balancing two of these colors together will make your outfits “pop” and your fashion sense admirable.


1) Trench Coat- Since you are celebrating fall, you want to celebrate color, and I am all for colorful trench coats. And if you do like grey jackets and coats, try to go for lighter types or switch it up for a mocha/caramel alternative.

2) Tailored, button-up jacket- For the warmer days, this type of a jacket pairs well with many different outfits. It is particularly chic paired with a scarf and earthy jewelry.

3) Classic, long boots- These boots not only look classy and sophisticated, but go very well with all casual outfits- be it jeans or skirts.

4) Leggings- Fall outfits would not be complete without leggings. Leggings can be worn both under pants for warmth and comfort and as a main component of an outfit. The best way to wear them is with a long sweater, skirt or long shorts; stay weary of trying to wear them with short clothes that don't cover the hip area, since the "I just came from the gym and didn't have time to change" look is not one of the best looks to try to pull off. Colorful leggings are highly encouraged but should be worn with matching colors and balancing blacks and grays.

5) Flats- "Ballerina shoes" are a great complement to leggings and button-up jackets on the warmer of days. They are not only comfortable but are affordable enough to be purchased in multiple pairs. And, once it does get a bit colder, they can be perfectly revived for the spring and summer seasons.

6) Knee-Length Skirt- Be it a jean skirt or a Spanish-style flow skirt, a skirt is an ideal piece of attire to own for the fall. It will freshen up a jean-dependent daily garb and will be the center-point of a casual outfit for a weekend out on the town.

7) Jewelry- Owning a few quality pieces of jewelry will complete your outfit and make it look more dressed up and elegant. Details count! I am a personal fan of elaborate, international-styled jewelry (Egyptian, Indian, Native American, Mediterranean, African- inspired) that are bright, eye-catching and full of intricate, artistic craftsmanship.

8) Scarves- No explanations needed here. Fall is the best season to experiment with scarves of different patterns, materials and colors.

Remember: bold colors and classic elegance are the best guidelines to follow for autumn fabulousness that will get you noticed! Have fun experimenting with self-expression through your clothes, and most importantly, feel great and empowered in whatever you choose to wear.


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    • anglnwu profile image


      6 years ago

      I love your suggestions. I agree--following the vibrant colors of nature during fall is the best way to go. I definitely need a new pair of fall boots and some funky scarves. Rated up.


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