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My Classic Fashion

Updated on January 16, 2017
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My road to a better me. It was a tough journey. Tougher than any that I have ever been through. I know it isn't over yet.


I can't remember where I got it, or even where it went. It was something that I wanted to keep, but I could never find it again. It was a peach colored binder that I bought talking about all things fashion, such as the four seasons of the color schemes, and the basics of knowing what looked better on you. Silver or Gold?

Teenage years

As a teenager, you try everything that is new. All kinds of colors and jewelry, such as silver and golds. Colors that look good on you. Later, you look at it and think, "what was I thinking?" I learned much about the colors I should wear, which sparks the jewelry you should wear. How your face shape determines glasses and hairstyles. The mistakes in color that I made as a teenager. Mustard yellow?!?! Gold jewelry?!?! No more mistakes like that in the jewelry that I make for myself. I use the colors that pertain to my own color scheme.

Fashion from North Carolina to Missouri

Things are different in these two states. While taking social work classes to obtain my degree, a classmate would always tell me that I shouldn't be wearing t-shirts at my age. Guess it is "too young" for someone my age? Or if I want to wear a t-shirt, I should wear a polo shirt underneath, or so I was told. (Personally, with my seizure disorder, that would make me way too hot, and it's not gonna happen.) Furthermore, many women older than me wear t-shirts in Missouri. Missouri is just a more relaxed state than North Carolina. I can certainly feel the differences between the two states now, and I prefer relaxed Missouri to North Carolina any day.

Fashion and style

Some people think the definition of fashion and style is the same, when they are actually very different. Fashion is more about you and your own personal style. Fashion tends to change each season, while style is timeless. Style is the way that you express yourself to the world, whether you express yourself through fashion, charity, attitude, or the way you treat others. The most stylish people have confidence and an elegant manner.


Before I went to 1st grade, I had shoulder length hair. I know my parents hated it because of combing out the tangles. Even my father combed my hair and grew to hate long hair on women because he understood what kind of work it took to keep long hair. It just seemed like maintaining long hair took away from life. Life is stressful as it is. We do things to make it as simplistic as possible. Many professional women take time away from hair maintenance. I have come into contact with so many women that just loves short hair. Who wants to look like everyone else? Like my boyfriend tells me, I am one of kind, and I should remain as such.

In my later years, I found that my face shape hides my neck, which makes short hair more realistic and professional. Some people have such thick hair that when it grows, it grows OUT, not down (I am one such person.). However, so many stylists here in Missouri love doing my hair because I have so much body. I don't even have to blow dry in the summer. Just air dry and go. I had my hair pass my shoulders once, and when I got a haircut, I cut it back to a pixie. Majority of my hairstylists have said that short hair was better for me. I still love it better than long.

When I get my hair done I go by my face shape. I used to hate my pudgy jowls, Cherokee woman, face. If left too long, body in my long hair just gets lost.

Now, I wear my hair in a cut that I can part my hair on either side or wear bangs. No matter which way I go, it will look professional. Just after I got my hair styled this way, my boss's boss did not even recognize me at our annual training. Now, if that isn't changing things up, I do not know what is.

Now, I wear my hair in a cut that I can part my hair on either side or wear bangs. No matter which way I go, it will look professional. Just after I got my hair styled this way, my boss's boss did not even recognize me at our annual training. Now, if that isn't changing things up, I do not know what is.

I just saw a picture of someone with a long face who shows off her entire forehead. To me, it isn't very appealing or professional. It needs bangs, or a part that covers some of the forehead. It just makes the face look too long. It isn't hard to do research on your face shape with the internet around. Good luck.

Accessories and the color connection

Of course, everyone has their favorite accessories. (Mine are earrings, bracelets, anklets, rings, watches, longer necklaces, bags, shoes and hair stuff, such as clips and headbands. My mom's are earrings, watches, bags and shoes.)

Some people have the knack of choosing clothes in colors that complement your coloring. While other colors look better on the wall in your house. Seriously, that was me, in the beginning. Finding out that I should be wearing silver jewelry, and not gold. That I was a winter and not a fall. As a winter, I should have been wearing more periwinkle blue and wine, not orange. (However, I never wore orange back then, but MUSTARD/GOLD?!?!) Due to my French heritage, I believe my color pallet is more along the lines of Reds/Blues/Purples with a splash of specialized greens.

Back in the day, they used silver and gold fabric to figure out if you had cool or warm undertones. Now you can tell by using white or cream colored fabric. If you look better (and not sick) in classic white, you are cool, and if you look better (and not sick) in cream color than you are warm. If you look better in classic white, silver is your jewelry of choice, while cream color; one should choose gold.


The best winter colors are:

Chalk white, dark red, charcoal gray, wine, hot pink, deep turquoise, hunter green, mint green and black. (My neutral color of choice for tops has always been navy and gray. However, the summer season is also considered to have cool undertones.)


Chalk white, light gray, rose, royal blue, sky blue, plum, navy blue, lavender and apricot. (Therefore, I will pull some colors from this pallet as well. Especially, rose, royal, sky and navy blues, plum, and lavender.)


Cream ivory, or off white, golden brown, camel, peach, coral, light navy, bright red, bright green, golden yellow, teal blue, aqua and violet.


Off white, ivory or cream, pewter gray, camel, dark brown, coral, olive green, rust, moss green, khaki, teal, bronze and mustard.

Your seasonal colors will almost always look good on you. However, the fashion police will not haul you off if you wear other shades. However, I only dip into the other cool season color scheme.

You want your best colors closer to your face. Therefore in bottoms anything can go. However, for bottoms, I am partial to, denim blue, gray, navy, black and khaki. I am not a big fan of white.

Body types

We all have to work with what we have, and make the most of what shape we are in. Just like in social work, you must focus on your strengths in fashion as well. Live in the real world. Being model thin is not synonymous with having style anywhere but in the fashion magazines. Fragrances can tend to smell different on other people. Therefore, what looks good on one person may not look good on someone else.

Some suggestions:

If you are petite:

* Wear the same color from head to toe

* Wear short skirts in solid colors

* Wear cropped jackets and cropped tops

* Wear higher-waisted pants and skirts

If you are tall:

* Wear contrasting colors on top and bottom

* Wear horizontal stripes or printed fabrics

* Wear separates, like skirts and tops, instead of dresses

* Wear jeans with a flare leg

If you are super thin:

* Layer clothing (because thin people do not have to worry about bulk)

* Patterns or prints

* Horizontal stripes

* Gathered or full shirts

* Bulky fabrics

* Ribbed sweaters

* Ruffles

If you are large in size:

* Darker colors

* Long or three-quarter sleeves

* Simple styles

* Longer, A-line skirts

* Long jackets

* Vertical stripes

* Smooth-textured fabrics (because they don't add bulk)

Other tips:

* Shiny, clingy fabrics will show bumps and bulges

* Ankle-strap shoes or ankle boots make legs look shorter

* Pleats can add visual pounds

* Textured fabrics, like corduroy or ribbed knits, add bulk (Was never a fan of corduroy)

* Vertical details elongate; horizontal ones widen

Planning wedding #2

Many questions to ask ourselves.

Will the bride wear white? Personally, it is a consideration. However, there will be no veil.

This time around I want a tea or ankle length dress with a v or scoop neck. I do not want anything backless!! (Having gone to try wedding dresses by myself gave me some extra insight, such as getting an actual size so I can attempt to order the dress online. It would probably be easier that way, since everyone appears to be too busy to really go shopping with me.)

Who will give the bride away? My first choice would be to have my only son give me away. However, if there is no chance of that happening, my second choice would be for the bride to meet her groom halfway and walk down the aisle together towards our family and friends. There is really no wrong way to get married the second time around. My last choice would be to walk down the aisle alone.

We have picked the season of Fall.

Location will be the most special. Either a historical chapel in the area OR the access to a timeshare.

Most likely, my future brother-in-law will be marrying us, as he is a Pastor and officiant. Another future family member will most likely make the wedding cake. Another future brother-in-law will most likely cater the event. Another future family member will be our photographer. Another future family member can play the piano or organ. (If we can get all of those ducks in a row.) Needless to say, it appears I am marrying into a family that can put together a wedding in a months notice. However, we want more time to make the event extra special. I will not be a stepmother, as he has no children. However, he is ready to except mine as his stepchildren, as are his parents. I will become a Great Aunt, however. (His niece, Rachel, just had baby #3.) Seeing his family together has taught me a few things. His father had four children with his first wife, and adopted his youngest son with his second wife. His youngest adopted son is who I am in a relationship with. What makes him special is that he had his biggest challenge when he was two years old. My boyfriend was afflicted with Cerebral Palsy. He had to go through extensive physical therapy before he even went to preschool. When he was a teenager, he had surgery to correct the issues with his left foot. Therefore, he is not wheelchair bound. He does walk. He has issues with his left hand, and that's it. The whole town knows who he is. It's amazing how many people recognize him when he's out with me on his days off from work. He has become a legend, separate from his father's legacy. His father once saved a young boy's life. He was a cop. He is now retired.

Therefore, being a legend, we will have to keep the guest list as low as possible for the actual ceremony. Which could take some maneuvering, as his family is pretty big. We will just have to choose the people that are the closest to us for the actual ceremony, and invite more to the reception. I am sure that it will turn out to be quite an event, and, surprisingly, bigger than my first trip down the aisle. Unless we get married close to the timeshare. Then the event will be somewhat smaller.

I have made my bridal jewelry. I even designed earrings for my attendants, which I have no clue as of yet who they will be. If the two I have in mind cannot be there, then I will only have one.

My future family already accepts me as their own. Every time they call to speak to my boyfriend they ask him how I am doing. My soul found a connection. Full blown Cerebral Palsy also consists of a seizure disorder, which I have, and he does not. After my car accident, I called him, and he was at the hospital before my father was. He always tells me that he isn't going anywhere. He is prepared to wait until I am ready to tie the knot. He does not appear to care just how long that is.

Guess good things can come to those who wait, and wait, and wait, and wait......

In conclusion

I have made many errors in fashion back in my younger days. However, I have since grown into my best self. (Yes, in my opinion.) It's great to go shopping with someone that has a great eye for color, AND A GUY!! He always asks to carry my bags, and he never takes no for an answer. What I have found is that one should wear a dark color on what you feel is the biggest part of your body. Whether it be the waist up, or below the waist. Unless you just like all black. I have also started to enjoy more separates than actual dresses. However, that's pretty much part of my body type. I never liked the bulky fabric of corduroy pants anyway, or pleats for that matter. However, there are body types out there that these will be great on. It's just not for me.

Enjoy your fun filled shopping experience.


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