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My Cleansing Skin Care Routine – From Skin Cleansing Products To Soap And Water

Updated on July 1, 2009

There is a lot to be said about looking after your skin. In fact there is a billion dollar business based on the fact that everyone is looking for the next best thing to get their pores nice and clean so that we can remove all the impurities that cause us to get spots and acne or help to reduce the inevitable signs of aging.

The thing is do all these products really work? When I was real young, my mother used to use soap and water to wash us with. She seemed to have a particular fondness for Cussons Imperial Leather for some reason. It did have a lovely smell and I suppose the shape was a little unique back in the day.

Skin Care Routine - Soap & Water

Anyway, that was the ingredients of our daily cleansing routine – soap and water. As soon as I hit my teens I became aware of products on offer to help clear up spotty skin. The most widely advertised solution was Clearisil. It used to come in a glass bottle and was electric blue in colour.

It doesn't have to cost a fortune to look after your skin
It doesn't have to cost a fortune to look after your skin

Farewell Acne

The shape of the bottle was similar to that of the Chanel perfume bottle. I believe that marketing people used to think that blue was the optimal liquid colour for a cleansing product, not sure why.

During puberty, like the majority of youths, I developed acne so I was quick to rush and buy my bottle of Clearasil to cleanse my face and be cured of my affliction. Did it really work or did nature take its course so that the spots disappeared anyway, I shall never know.

Reduce your cleansing routine
Reduce your cleansing routine
Simple Moisturising Cream- Not perfumed, not coloured, just kind.
Simple Moisturising Cream- Not perfumed, not coloured, just kind.

Wash, Cleanse, Tone, Mosturise

However during this time I also stepped up my daily cleansing routine. I understood the importance of washing the face, cleansing, toning and moisturising and I promptly bought a whole range of products to do the job. My choice was the Simple range with the slogan – not perfumed, not coloured, just kind.

I did find it quite laborious and I hated using the toner. It would always leave me with a stingy sensation. I would quickly slap on the moisturiser to combat the drying feeling of the toner. This became my routine for years. Every month I happily doled out my hard earned cash to replenish my stock.

A skin care routine isn't the only thing to keep you young looking
A skin care routine isn't the only thing to keep you young looking

The Turning Point Of My Skin Care Routine

Then one day it all changed. I was staying with my grandmother one summer. I was busy setting out my skin care products on the bedroom dresser when she walked into the room. She went over to the table and picked up the bottles to read the label. She asked me why I needed all this stuff. I replied it was to keep my skin in good condition. She stood and stared at me.

Then she just burst out laughing. In between her giggles, she shook her head and said with her soft Jamaican accent β€œis why people think them need lotions and potions to fix themselves. I use soap and water and me never have no problem”. I just stared at her. Looking at her skin, I realised just how good she looked. She was in her late 60s at the time. I recalled my youth and also the fact that my own mother was still using soap and water for her face.

Soap,water and a good moisturiser keeps skin looking good
Soap,water and a good moisturiser keeps skin looking good

Back To Old School Ways - Soap & Water

All that money I have spent in the attempt to keep my skin looking healthy. Wow. Needless to say, I altered my cleansing routine shortly thereafter. No more cleansing and toning for me.

I have returned to using soap and water and just a moisturising cream. Simple moisturising lotion is what works for me and my skin looks and feels great. Hooray for grandmothers and mothers with their common sense and old school ways.


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