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My Current Hair Regimen

Updated on July 20, 2015

Greetings loves!

This article will be on my hair regimen, which i havent completely developed but it is just to let you lovely ladies know what ive been doing with my hair. I havent been on a hair journey very long, so i am still learning slowly but surely. First off, this is the current state of my hair.

Result after using Palmers Protein Pack.  So shiny! and i have absolutely no product in my hair besides heat protectant.
Result after using Palmers Protein Pack. So shiny! and i have absolutely no product in my hair besides heat protectant. | Source

Not too bad I suppose. However, I just want to retain more length and it gets quite frustrating, but when I look at my pictures from just after my trim to now, I see lots of progress in terms of health and thickness, so now I will work on retention. I seem to have gotten my luster back and i fully intend on keeping it. So lets get to this regimen (regime?) then!

Shampoos and Conditioners i use: I use a variety of shampoos and haven't fully settled on one. However my favourite is Luxurious Moisture shampoo and conditioner by Tresemme. The conditioner leaves my hair feeling baby bottom smooth! However, shampoo wise, I also tend to use products by Pantene. They seem to work better when I switch them up after a couple of months. I have dabbled with Dove conditioners, which is okay but I did not find it very moisturising. Further, I have used Loreal Elvive's Micro Oils conditioner. It was such a beauty, very moisturising and light and gave my hair the prettiest sheen, and it had a sort of glitter effect which I absolutely adored. Once a week, I shampoo my hair twice, focusing on the roots and follow it up with my conditioner of choice.

Deep Conditioners: My favourite deep conditioner is the Protein Pack by Palmsers, which i intend doing a full review on once I manage to locate it in stores again. It left my hair feeling so healthy, strong and smooth. It also gave my hair an incredible shine and heavenly coconut scent that lasted all week! It is a definite must have. However, make sure you do not keep it on for longer than the recommended time, at the risk of your hair feeling a little frazzled. Follow this up with a 2 minute moisturising conditioner.I generally deep condition once every two weeks, depending on how dry my hair feels.

I blow dry and flat iron my hair once a week and no more than that, and wrap it at night. This way my hair falls perfectly the next morning, helping me to not use heat more than i already do. I have tried air drying but no matter how much moisture i apply to my hair during the drying process, my hair ends up absolutely dry and brittle. Therefore, I have deduced that it is not an effective method for me. In using heat as often as i do, the key to maintain the health of my hair is HEAT PROTECTANTS. I cannot stress the importance of these enough. If you do not use them, your hair will dry out and this inevitably leads to breakage.

My all time favourite heat protectant is by v05, however i cannot seem to find it anywhere. My next best bet is Heat Defence by Tresemme. It leaves my hair light and yet feeling highly moisturised. It is not drying to the hair at all. Which is more than i can say for Lee Stafford Flat Iron Mist which left my hair feeling more thirsty than it was before i washed it. That was definitely a fail of a product for me.

Well, thats my not so dazzling regime. I stick to affordable products as best I can (student life) and besides, I find that my hair prefers it that way. I do not do protective styles such as braids and weaves, as my hair simply does not agree with them. You just got to listen to your hair above how much you just like a product. Your hair does the decision making, based on it's texture and porosity. There may be other mitigating factors, I am no hair guru!

Love your hair and it will love you in return. Keep it moisturised, use heat protectants and listen to your hair.

Spreading positive vibes everywhere! xxx

19 May 2015 Layered
19 May 2015 Layered | Source

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