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My Favorite Make-up- You Really Should Try It, Too!

Updated on April 5, 2016

My Old Oil-Free Makeup- (This was only a half hour of being applied)

My Love of Something Fabulous-

If I want something nice, then I know I'm going to have to pay some money for it. That's what makes sense, right? If we want something to last, and something that's going to look nice, then we have to be ready to pay a little bit of money. I started realizing that a few years ago with my makeup. I used to think that paying more than $12 for a bottle of foundation was a lot of money. Heaven forbid that I had to pay for all the other makeup that went along with it! I have learned that if I don't want constant skin break-outs, and if I want the right coverage for my skin, I have to pay a little more than $12 for a bottle of foundation. This article is to inform you, the reader, what kind of makeup works THE BEST for oily skin. Take it from someone that has always struggled with this problem- this is the only one I've found that works, with a good price, and it works really, really well!

Clinique- The best makeup for oily skin-

I have used so many different types of make-up over the last 15+ years. My skin has always had a bit of redness to it, plus it's extremely oily. I finally did a lot of research on this subject to see which brand would be the best one for me. I was getting so sick of the way my skin looked all the time. I could only go maybe a couple of hours, and then my face would become so incredibly oily. I was using oil-free make-up, too. I looked at all of the reviews and also asked some of my friends what they were using. These friends have similar skin to mine. After doing all of this research, Clinique seemed to have everything that I was looking for!


If you have oily skin, you will LOVE this foundation! This is the same exact foundation that I use- color tone and everything. If I have worn this foundation all day long, then by around 5:00 p.m., I need to add just a bit of Clinique's pressed powder. BUT I do not have to reapply the foundation again! It still looks amazing! This particular color tone will look great on women that have lighter to light/medium skin. Also, it goes on really smooth. It doesn't feel spongey, like some products I've used. When it dries, it dries very well. Just make sure you blend it in really well around your face.

Eye Colors

Because of having such oily skin, I cannot use eye shadows with barely any shimmer, especially the metallic ones. Those make me look like I just smeared grease all over my eyelids. My eyeshadoes have to be as MATTE as possible. Now, some of these eye shadows have a tiny bit of shimmer in them, but not very much. I have a very similar eye palette to this one, and three of them have some shimmer. I can still use them, and they look beautiful on. They don't cause my face to look shiny, or like I smeared grease all over it, at all. I love the neutral colors, because I can wear them any day of the week, and they look so natural. The darker colors are gorgeous and are great for a special night out. Or, hey! You can even use them for everyday use! Whatever make you happy. This would be a very good purchase- I can assure you.

So Smooth-

This is the same exact Pressed Powder that I use. The color is great for winter or summer, unless you have a porcelain white skin tone. Then, I would advise you to use the lightest color (Invisible). The one that's listed is the second to the lightest color they have, and I think it looks great. It goes on really smooth and evens out all of my make-up. As stated before, if I'm going out in the evening, all I have to do is put a light covering of this over my already existing makeup, and I'm good to go! The foundation has a slight shine to it by this time of the day, but the light covering of this powder will make you look like you just applied all of your makeup!

Stays On!

I have inset eyes, so I've always struggled with eyeliner smudging on my lower lid. I always felt like I had to run my pointer finger along my lower lid to swipe away the eyeliner that bled on it. It's always been such a frustration to me! And then, my skin always felt so oily when I did this. I felt like I had a pool of oil in the corner of my eyes. I could never win! BUT, this liner doesn't smudge or smear! And what's even cooler? It has a smudge-r on the opposite end, so you don't have to use a Q-tip. I love the color Slate, as well. I can use it for everyday use or for a night out.


This is one of my favorite pieces of makeup that I own! It's such a beautiful red! I rarely ever wear lipstick, but when I'm going out on a hot date with my hubby or going somewhere all dressed up, this is what I put on my lips. If I'm going to wear lipstick, then I want it to be a nice lipstick. This is what I've always been looking for! It goes on with one swipe, is so smooth, and is absolutely beautiful! (It stays on for a long time, as well.) You will LOVE this product!

Make Yourself Happy!

If your skin type is like mine, and you have had a terrible time trying to find makeup that looks amazing and feels fabulous, then this is what you'll want to invest your money into. Clinique will not disappoint you! Happy Browsing!

The Finished Look!


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    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 23 months ago from Stillwater, OK

      I am also light complected and once had very oily skin, too. If you are a meat eater and eat the general meat at the grocery store, this will add to your problem, due to the fat content. If you ever drop meat from your diet, it will take a couple of years for your sebaceous glands to calm down. I had oily skin up until my mid-50s. Also, add probiotic yogurt to your diet to keep your digestion and stomach acids and bacteria within the range that it should be.