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My Favorite Urban Decay “Naked” Shades and How to Wear Them

Updated on March 31, 2015

Naked 1

Here are some photos of my well-used "Naked" eye shadow palette by Urban Decay. What makes this palette so exceptional is its neutrals. Ten out of twelve shades are shades of brown, all of which look great on the lid. My favorite thing to do with the palette is use the lighter shades to create glimmering everyday looks.

Naked and Sidecar

It is difficult to pick from the first five gorgeous everyday shades, but the ones I'm most in love with include "Naked" and "Sidecar". The shade that shares a name with the palette is the perfect base color to start out your shadow look. It is the perfect hue to brighten up your eyes without letting anyone know you're wearing makeup, or to layer with more exciting shades. I like to start with "Naked" and apply it onto my lid and crease, then layer "Sidecar" on top of it to add some sparkle. I also put "Sidecar" on my lower lash line. This simple look is perfect topped with lots of mascara for a natural but glittery everyday look.

Another way to use "Naked" is by applying it to the lid and crease and then putting a darker shade on the corner of the eye. From the same palette, I would suggest "Smog" or "Hustle".

But seriously. Look at all of these neutrals. You can't go wrong with this palette if you're looking for those perfect everyday shades.

Naked 2

Urban Decay's "Naked 2" also has a lot of amazing neutrals, but dips into more metallic shades as well as darker colors. The neutrals can still be used for a great everyday look, but most of the shades have a metallic tint that make them stand out a bit more than the shades of the original "Naked" do. That being said, I use this palette even more than the original version. All of the colors make for a fun, sparkly statement, and the possibilities range from bold daytime looks to glamorous nighttime ones. Here are some of my favorite shades and what I do with them.


"Chopper" is probably my favorite eye shadow color in the history of forever. I don't wear it everyday, but I do wear it frequently. This shade is a bit more gold/orange than the other shades of "Naked 2", and it compliments blue eyes beautifully. A gold or orange tone is the opposite of a blue one, and the sparkle adds to the look as well. I use this one like I use "Sidecar", putting it on my lid as well as just under my eye. This shade stands out on its own without needing much more makeup. A few coats of mascara to top it off makes for an easy and gorgeous look created by Urban Decay. It also looks good when it is made into something more glamorous with a darker color in the corner of the eye and black winged liner.

YDK, Busted, and Blackout

Here are those darker shades I was referring to--these are the glamorous shades of the "Naked" line. "YDK" is basically a darker version of "Sidecar" from the original "Naked" palette. It also is even more glittery. You can put it all over your lid and on the lower lash line and top it with black eyeliner top and bottom to create an enchanting evening look. You can also use it with a more natural look by putting it just on the corner of the lid after using a more neutral hue like "Naked 2"'s "Foxy" or "Bootycall".

"Busted" is my go-to for any stunning smokey eye. Use it on the outer half of the lid to smoke out another base shade, or if you're feeling bold, try it on the entire lid. This shade is considerably more matte than the others, but still has a little sparkle. You'll definitely want to go all-out with the rest of your makeup if you're going to go as dark as this shade (but not too dark on anything else--use light colors for lipstick and blush.)

Finally we have "Blackout". I use this beautiful black shade strictly as eyeliner. It works beautifully and lasts forever. All you have to do is wet the color, apply it to an eyeliner brush, and draw your eyeliner on. I feel like this kind of eyeliner is so much easier to deal with than liquid or pencil liners. Mistakes are easy to fix and lines are simple to create.

Have fun experimenting with the 24 stunning shades of the "Naked" palettes 1 and 2!


Some More "Naked" Makeup Ideas


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