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My Favorite Work Outfits

Updated on October 27, 2016

Blazer & Shirt & Pants

This is always my go to outfit when I need to be a little dressier at work, but still want to be comfortable and look cute.

I have two different types of blazers. One is lighter and less formal. The other is a heavier, more formal one. For this outfit I use the lighter one. It still looks work appropriate, but I am able to move in it and do my day to day activities.

For the shirt, I use a variety of different shirts, most made out of a silky material. I think this material looks best for this outfit, and these types of shirts comes in many different colors and styles.

For the pants, I wear dress pants, but usually I wear a gray color. It isn't necessary to match, but you can if that is your preference.

Blazer & Shirt & Skirt

I love this outfit when I am trying to be cute, but still need to look professional.

I use my lighter blazer for this outfit as well. I usually use my black one, but you can use whatever color you want based on the shirt under the blazer or the skirt color.

I usually wear a silk white shirt. I want to give the most attention to the skirt, so I try and do a basic top.

Lastly, I usually use a pink pencil skirt. It gives the outfit a more fun look than just a black skirt. With this, you can wear whatever color and style of skirt you want.

Shirt & Pants

This is the outfit I use when I am just going for a relaxed look.

I have many different tops I can use. When the weather is warm, normally I wear a short sleeve and then when the weather is cold, I wear a long sleeve shirt. I like the silk material shirt just because I think it looks more professional.

I usually use dress pants for this outfit. I have multiple colors, and usually chose which one I want to wear depending on the shirt I choose.

Cardigan & Dress

My last go to outfit is a cardigan and dress. I like this outfit because it is easy and effortless.

I have a variety of different dresses to use for this outfit. Some are more structured, while some are more flowy. Some are short, while some are maxi dresses. It just really depends on your style.

Usually I pick the cardigan out after the dress. The cardigan color and length depends on the dress I have picked.


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    • Kate Alyce profile image

      Kate Phillips 11 months ago from Mankato

      ElenaShep, thanks for taking the time to read this. That is why I love these outfits too. Simple, but totally work appropriate and comfy.

    • ElenaShep profile image

      Helen Sheplyakova 11 months ago from Kharkiv

      love the style) totally something I would wear. casual, elegant and classy at the same time. perfect to look put together, but still feel comfortable. great job!