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My Favorite YouTube Beauty Gurus

Updated on March 4, 2013

I have been watching loads of beauty videos this past year, because of this I have developed a list of beauty gurus I love to watch.

These are informative and fun to watch ladies doing fun things with their makeup.


Zoe is a UK based YouTuber that enjoys a mix of high-end and drugstore beauty products. She is wonderful when it comes to collaborating with other YouTube gurus, and has done videos with SprinkleofGlitter, FleurdeForce, and PointlessBlog among others.

She is also fun to watch and has bloopers at the end of each of her videos.


Another UK based YouTuber, I like MissBudgetBeauty as she features only drugstore products, which I like as I don't have a large budget for makeup myself. She's super informative and has lots of tips and tricks for applying makeup and choosing brushes.

She's not your typical 'in college and single' guru, but a lovely married woman with a child, which I can relate to better than the majority of college age gurus.


This wouldn't be much of an article if I didn't include Emily Eddington. She's a longtime YouTube guru that knows her stuff. She hosts the Emily Awards every year featuring makeup products that do their job and do it well.

She features a mix of beauty items and isn't afraid to promote an underrated product especially if it's good.

There are lots of YouTube beauty gurus out there and it's more than likely I've left your favorite out of this list. Please use the comments to add your favorites to this list!


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