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My First Ten Fashion and Beauty Hubs

Updated on September 2, 2016
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Felishiya started writing at the age of 10. Since then, she has produced various articles in English and Spanish and few in French as well.


Hi, Readers..! I have received an overwhelming response for my first ten hubs. The traffic on these hubs are really good. Here is a summary of each of these hubs, that will also ease your job to find them.

1. 10 Things you should do to keep your Hair Healthy and Shiny

The Hub focuses on the general problem of every person, which is extreme hair loss. I have discussed every possible method to cure hair related problems that include the use of various products, different types of exercises and other treatments. If you think that there are some much better solutions than these, then do enlighten me as well. Click here to know more.

Always Invest in your Hair, it is the crown you are never going to take off...


2. Leather jacket made using human being DNA

As the fashion industry is making a huge progress at a fast pace across the world, it has taken some pretty bad directions as well. Using animal skin to make clothes has become an adage. Now, some inspiring young fashion designers are trying something new and that is nothing else, but making clothes and accessories out of human leather. Human Leather? Yes, you heard that right. In fact, some studies have also been done on the same, which proves that Human Leather is much more efficient than Animal Leather for making clothes. Read further to know more about the news.

Humans are everywhere, Humanity is nowhere...


3. Tips for spellbinding beauty using baby products

You are using various cosmetics to make look you better each day, but somewhere you definitely think that these products are lessening your natural glow. Well, they actually do. These cosmetics are out of harmful chemical compounds and reactions that can glorify you for a while, but are harmful in the long run. On the other hand, Baby Products are manufactured with minimal use of chemicals. Check out how they can be useful for you too.

To get a beautiful skin, commitment is required, not a miracle...

— Erno Laszlo

4. Learn about different types of curtain that will make your home look elegant

Curtains are the smart way of enhancing the elegance of your home. There are variety of curtains in the market, and, obviously, not every type of curtain will match your home decor. So, here is the solution, learn about the types of curtains' options available for you and which one will suit your home the best.

Hang Curtains in your home. They make a room seem elegant and finished. Consider them as the Lipstick of Decorating

— Peter Dunham

5. Ariel Foxman, Former Editorial Director at InStyle

Ariel Foxman was a renowned editor-in-chief of worldwide famous magazine named InStyle. The Hub throws light on his sucessful journey of becoming the director at InStyle. Alike, most of us, he also had to struggle a little and took time to understand the business rules as well as the techniques to work in a team as a leader. Read more to know about his business tactics and career life.

If you want to be a star, you cannot be a good editor...

— Ariel Foxman

6. Top 10 Trends from Men’s Fashion Week 2016/17

Fashion weeks in Paris, Milan, New York and London ended with lots of amazing new trends. Some of them were the revival of golden age and some of them were unconventionally adorable. Out of them, the Hub talks about ten trends that seem to be prevalent for a longer time. If you agree, please comment in positive and If you do not, then do tell, in comments, why you did not like them.

Menswear is about subtle distinction. It is about good taste and style...

— Alexander McQueen, the late Fashion Designer

7. Top 5 vibrant colors for menswear

There are plenty of color options available for women dresses. No matter what the color is, they look pretty in all. But in case of menswear, color options tend to get narrower and includes only, black and grey. Now, there is less to worry as some famous fashion designers are creating clothes and accessories in different colors such as green, red and neon that are unisex and the men will surely look pretty alluring in them. Check out the top five list of these colors.

Don't just try to live a life of black and white only, when there is a spectrum of so many colors available for you. Don't confine and bore yourself, instead have fun and express yourself...

— Rubyanne

8. Collagen: The Fountain of Youth

Collagen is the most important element of human's body as mentioned in the Hub, it helps in fighting against various problems and maintain the body healthy and ageless. But, as the age grows and due to some ailments, collagen starts to lose its strength and human body becomes prone to more damage and the skin related problems come into picture. I have noted down some collagen supplements in my Hub, but I strongly recommend to consult a physician before taking those supplements.

You have the potential to be gorgeous at thirty, charming in your forties and irresistible for your whole life...

— Coco Chanel

9. Top 10 movie characters that have incredible fashion sense

There are more than thousands movies that depict immense fashion culture. Some of them have become highly famous and their fashion styles have been adopted by many people, in real life. I have extracted out the ten most fascinating characters from those movies and have written this Hub. It might be possible that you are already aware of some of them as they are quite famous and some might be quite new to you. Let's check out what you are thinking and what I have actually written about.

Fashion comes from within you...

— Ralph Lauren, one of the richest Fashion Designers

10. Why Amazon Fashion is so Popular

Amazon is a worldwide renowned electronic commerce site that is helping people with their daily requirements by delivering products at a very fast pace. The site has become a hub for almost all kinds of stuff that can be sold online. "You name it, we have it." is the slogan that perfectly suits this site. If you still feel that the site is not worthy enough, then do not forget to go through this Hub. I hope it will surely change your mind.

That's all about my ten hubs. Looking for some more interesting and helpful topics to write Hub about. If you think I missed out something in any of these Hubs, then feel free to submit your comments. Also, if you are into Heath and Fitness, then do read this list. Thank you.

The motive of is to be that e-commerce destination, where people discover everything they wish to buy online...

— Jeff Bezos, CEO of


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