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My January Ipsy Bag 2017!

Updated on January 17, 2017

2017 will be the year of new makeup techniques and new trends in the beauty world!

Personally, for my goal I will try to go without foundation and improve my skin with natural ingredients and products! I want to be the girl with the dewy, natural skin for the beautiful and exciting year ahead. I'm tired of all the smears, and heaviness, and oily feel of foundation. Another reason may be because I want to travel A LOT this year and don't want to deal with foundation. If there's a way to jump into making my eyes pop and adding a quick contour to face.. then I am all for it!

January Glam!

This month was kicked off with my favorite products yet from IPSY!

When I opened that pink foil package, I found a silver mesh dotted bag to add to my cute bag collection and inside I did not expect to find exactly what I've been needing! I got skin care that was missing in my life.

  • I've had dry skin and cracked lips ALL winter. Not cute. I opened the bag to find a rich,hydrating face cream! "H20+ Beauty", called Oasis. This smells like a rich, and deep ocean breeze that just hit your face. At the same time its very hydrating and you can feel it from the thickness.
  • Next item, was a beautiful blush called "BLUSHIOUS" By Pacifica. Pacifica is pretty new of a brand for me. I realized they only work with natural minerals! The shade itself is called coconut and rose infused cheek color and I love their idea of natural fresh-made makeup. It feels very fresh without all the dyes and additives other brands put in their products. The shade blends well when its is applied by layering, gives you better control of the desired look.
  • After I unwrapped my new cheek shade and hydrating cream I was excited to see a smash box product, which was the "camera ready BB Cream". This cream has 35 spf and sits pretty well considering its a BB. It sits well and what I mean by that is it doesn't streak or wipe off once you touch your face. This is definitely the product I need for those vacations where I'm laying on the beach and enjoying a nice tan with the sea breeze. This product was actually my favorite from this bag.
  • "It" cosmetics under eye illumination concealer was my next product and I haven't tried it yet under my eyes, but the reviews say it works well because it's an anti-aging concealer that is waterproof and wont crack during your wear. It also covers completely every problem area under the eye. This item seems to be the second product I'm taking on vacation;)
  • Lastly, the very interesting "TEMPTU", base smooth and matte primer. This small sample, once squeezed out of the tube is almost to watery, but once applied on pores it seems to harden a bit and hold its place steady with your foundation. I was happy with my finished look once I applied my foundation over it.

If you guys are interested in all my ipsy bag reviews Ive done I have linked a subscription link in the box below so you can go and get your bag every month. For only $10 a month, that's a steal! Let me just say samples last a while, and sometimes you get full sized makeup and brushes. If you consider how much you really use from a product from one application of makeup imagine how much of a makeup collection you'll have from each ipsy bag. Thank you loves for reading, and until next time xoxox!


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