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My Love Affair with Coach

Updated on May 18, 2012

They say that the biggest step is self-admittance, so here goes. {deep breath} I am a Coach-a-holic. There. I’ve said it, and I feel much better.

I would compare my love of Coach to being in a long-term relationship. There is envy, jealousy, dedication, and above all else, extreme loyalty. Though I respect, admire and appreciate other designers and companies, I am unable to make the switch. I look forward to birthdays, holidays, sale events and any other occasions that would justify me going to the Coach store and am giddy when inside one. I have a separate walk-in closet dedicated strictly for Coach gear and have been known to spot a fake Coach bag from a mile away. I am, in essence, a walking, talking Coach ad and should probably be on their payroll.

The Wristlet

The love affair began seven years ago; I remember it vividly. It was 2003 and I had just turned 21. My boyfriend had given me Christina Aguilera tickets for my birthday, and at the concert I noticed that 95% of the girls in the audience all had wristlets. For those of you who don’t know, a wristlet is kind of like a mini bag that has a strap that attaches to, surprise, your wrist. It’s a fantastic accessory for a night out and very clever idea in general.

The next day I went to the Coach store for the very first time and picked out a black classic signature wristlet. The pricetag was $99 which I thought was absurd at first, but quickly reasoned that I would only splurge just this once, and I would always have it.

The Mini Pouch

The wristlet was just the beginning. I had to have more. I mean really, just because black goes with everything doesn’t mean you have to settle, right? Within the next few months, I bought six more wristlets in all different colors, sizes and limited edition patterns before deciding I needed to branch out and get something a little bigger. Large-sized cell phones were back in style after all.

My choice was the Handle Pouch, again in the black signature. It was approximately 7" long by 6" wide and was the perfect accessory for when I needed just a small bag without all the fuss.

The Bleecker

The love affair didn't end with the handle pouch. In fact, it only grew stronger. Having an actual Coach bag, regardless of its size, only made me want bigger and better. I felt ready for the big leagues and searched the entire store for a bag that "called to me." I was unsuccessful for the first half hour or so and at one point, I thought I would walk away empty-handed.

And then it happened. Atop a display case in the center of the store, with a beam of light shining down on it as if sent down directly from heaven, was the large Bleecker in signature brown with black leather. It was the most beautiful bag I had ever seen. To this day, it is still my favorite.

Justifying the Splurge

There are people that think spending large amounts of money on a handbag is completely ridiculous. This is my guilt-free justification:

  • A Coach product will pay for itself. How many big-ticket items have you bought in your life that you can honestly say you not only use every day, but enjoy every day?
  • You are paying for quality. Whereas a fake Coach bag will last you one season (if that), an authentic Coach bag will last literally forever.
  • Coach backs their high-quality handbags with a lifetime guarantee. I recently had a friend try to return a 10-year old piece of Coach luggage, claiming it was a little worn. Though Coach no longer carried that style and pattern, they made good by offering her a 75% discount on any item in the store. Where else do you get a guarantee like that?

My Heart Will Go On

Though I have professed my addiction, I am not ready to give it up. I am hoping this Hub offers a little humor to what I feel many women can relate to, and if nothing else, gives them a few excuses to leave on the back burner for when the next shopping spree calls.

Happy shopping!


Copyright © 2010 StarryNightsDiva. All rights reserved.


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